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Let's Go to the Mole

Philip and Elizabeth drive home in perturbed silence. He remembers to fasten his seatbelt, which feels like more of a passive-aggressive move than anything else. That is, until he purposefully veers the car off the road and into a field. Elizabeth goes limp in her seat (nice touch) as the car crashes into a tree. These are the days before air bags, too. Respect. They exit the car, banged up but intact. And now their injuries (and their absence) have some context.

Who's ready for the scintillating scene where Vasili buys tea in bulk at the local coffee shop? Good! The handsome young barista informs him that there's a sale on the Earl Grey, but Vasili is grumpily like, "I know how to make tea!" Boy, I bet D.C.-area service-industry employees have to put up with jerkass diplomats like this all the time. That blows. Good thing that this particular service-industry employee is a secret FBI agent, who "accidentally" drops Vasili's change so that he can sneak some diamonds into his bag of tea. Considering where I think those diamonds have been, that's shaping up to be a pungent brew. Barista Guy calls Stan after Vasili leaves and is like, "The eagle has landed" or whatever.

Stan, then, has the switchboard route his call through a payphone nearby that coffee shop, then places a call to the Rezidentura. If the guy who answers the phone isn't the same reasonably cute colleague of Nina's, he's a decent facsimile. He says the Rezident isn't in his office, so Stan makes a big point of making a very obvious request for a covert meetup at a "tea shop near Piccadilly Circus." An idiot would find this suspicious. Stan keeps it up, while at the same time, Nina takes advantage of her colleague's distraction in order to sneak into Vasili's office for another clandestine meeting.

The Jenningses get home, and the kids freak out at the appearance of their parents. Mom and Dad sell the car-accident story, while the kids sell the "We didn't accept a ride home from the Zodiac killer" story and everybody's happy. Well, except Philip, who is currently defining butthurt because Elizabeth blew him in to the Centre a billion years ago. Upstairs, he announces his intentions to go see Martha and make up for the date he had to miss today. He wants to bring her some jewelry as a gift and asks Elizabeth if she has anything. Purely out of spite, he's doing this. But he forgets he's messing with a fucking cold-as-ice master, and she hands him a velvet box that is obviously something that's supposed to mean a lot to them. He sighs disgustedly that she would do such a thing. Hey, don't play with fire, dick.

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