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Let's Go to the Mole

After the break, Stan places yet another purposefully suspicious phone call to the Rezidentura, while Nina is busy doing time underneath Vasili's thrusting frame. Stan hangs up and is very proud of his brilliant plan.

Elizabeth, meanwhile, goes to meet with Gregory. She makes it clear to him that she and Philip are on shaky ground and that she's once again open to his advances. Well, now everybody's playing with fire. She also asks Gregory to keep watch on Philip and the kids. She needs to know who's watching them and when. Gregory agrees to help her, and she manages to leave without jumping on him.

At the Rezidentura, Vasili is meeting with our old pal Boris, the Directorate S guy whose name we haven't gotten yet. Until this week (it's "Arkady," which is not a lot of fun but whatever). Anyway, Arkady tells Vasili that they fielded some incredibly suspicious phone calls for him today. Vasili hears the description of them and laughs them off as cheap provocation intended to make him look bad. Arkady says that may be so, but nobody can be above suspicion when there's a mole hunt, so he's going to have to subject himself to a light search. Vasili is perturbed but not worried. He's perturbed but not worried when asked to empty his pockets. He's perturbed but not worried when asked to dump out the bag of tea his just bought. And therein are those shit-diamonds we've heard so much about. Vasili is shocked. And now worried. He insists he has no idea what they're doing there. Cut to about a half-dozen men doing a floor-to-ceiling sweep of Vasili's office while Vasili protests loudly. One of the investigators finds the camera that Nina was using hidden behind Vasili's radio. Arkady connects the dots: payment in diamonds in exchange for intel in pictures. Vasili insists he's been set up. He might recall how the guy at the tea shop dropped his change on the floor, which must seem awfully suspicious now. Such terribly unobservant spies on this show.

Cut to Vasili being led out of the Rezidentura by the arms, past Nina, who looks on without much expression one way or the other. THAT is a poker face.

At the Beeman household, the phone rings and poor Mrs. Stan reaches across the bed for it, but Stan absolutely pounces on it, so much is he on pins and needles about the goings-on at his girlfriend's place of business. Poor Mrs. Stan. Free Mrs. Stan! Anyway, Special Agent John-Boy delivers the happy intel that the Rezident has been escorted back to Moscow, seemingly against his will. Stan is thrilled that his plan worked. After he hangs up, Mrs. Stan basically begs him to share SOME part of his day with her, however banal or vague. He ends up telling her, in nonspecific terms, how this job is scary for people -- not him, but people he "worries about" -- and today was a scary day for them, but it worked out. Awesome. Awesome job telling your wife about how worried you were about your would-be mistress. You couldn't have told her about Chris and Martha and the faux-pas with the shoes last week? Poor Mrs. Stan. Free Mrs. Stan.

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