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Once inside, Anna straddles the back of the couch, then slowly slides over to lie on it. She pumps her pelvis and lifts her legs in the air. So it's safe to assume Anna likes the couch. Bobby says that "everyone responded with a 'yes.'" Or a "yes! Yes! YES!" Kim, Kelly, and Anna sit on the couch and watch as more pillows come in. Bobby tells Anna usually these pillows cost $500, but he made them for her because he loves her. Um, thank you? Love you too? I think? Back in his shop, he says Anna told him that she loves "gold, and the feeling of softness and velvet, and the color green." Bobby speaks his lines very much like Adam West would. A gold-painted, shabby chic-esque table is brought in, along with a big old flower arrangement "for a beautiful client." "Awws" resound. They bring in a mattress, and Anna says she wants "a little bit of leopard" in the bedroom, with "all that pink." Bobby says "okay," then "watch it, honey!" as Anna nearly falls over the pink velvet chair.

Up in Anna's bedroom, it's bad idea time. She bounces around on her new mattress. The Ballad of Bobby Trendy plays on. Talking Head Anna says, "It's very foo-foo, and I'm a very foo-foo kind of gal." No. Stop it. Lip Gloss Bobby says he understands that she "wanted a prom dress to explooode." Back in the bedroom, Bobby suggests making "Cleopatra's tent" over her bed, with leopard drapes and a chandelier in the center. "Like in a harem's tent, like a tent. That wouldn't be very much to do, here." Bobby just wants to put up a tent. Got it. Anna says she wanted pink fur over some of the walls, and leopard on some of the walls. She takes a white fluffy fedora and holds it against the wall next to a pink fluffy pillow, illustrating that she wants horizontal, alternating stripes of pink and white fluff. Bobby, totally not having it, says, "Oh, you want stripes going this way. How different."

Anna, Anna, glamorous Anna, Anna Nicole!

Talking Head Anna says that she and Kimmy are "really close. [They're] close like sisters." We see Anna and Kim see-sawing on a box. Kim says that Anna's "lips smell delicious." Anna asks, "Want some?" They kiss, Anna making sure to get all the little corners of Kimmy's makeup-less mouth. How sisterly -- Seven-Sisterly. One of the posters on the boards, Shimmy, called Anna and Kim "cousbians." That is brilliant. Anna VOs that although she and Kimmy are close, they still get in "spats," like over going to Magic Mountain or not. See, Anna wants to go, and Kimmy doesn't. Anna ends up just telling her she's going to go, and that's it.

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