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Howard's End

Daniel's home! He loves Nirvana. That is good. He comes into his mom's room, asks the whereabouts of How-Urn, hugs and kisses his mom, and then says he's going in his room. Anna waves good-bye to her "punky," then tells him, "Homework before games!" Daniel, you're a good kid, even if you do games before homework.

Okay, the next ANS features an "eating contest," a fake fight between Anna and Howard, and more Bobby Trendy. Now we get a non-sequitur bit of Anna showing off her bellybutton ring. Sugar Pie sniffs her bellybutton, and Anna shoos her away. Howard asks, "How do you know that's what she's smelling?" Shut up, Howard. Kim gets her tongue pierced. Ew, there's blood. Anna and Kim go to a strip club. The closing bit is Sugar Pie humping the bear, this time with the addition of panties. Anna urges Sugar Pie to "get them painties off," but does she?

Okay, I am coming down on the side of everyone else that This Show Sucks. There's too many clichés. It's like recapping a car crash. It's like, "Hey, dumb-ass, slow down and look out for that tree. Oh, snap. The car hit the tree and...well, it's pretty bad. There's broken glass all over, and blood, and no one is moving. Sirens in the distance. Shit, this is bad." I really don't feel good about making fun of Anna, either. She's clearly impaired, she's never around any friends (it seems), and you have to wonder about her motives. Like, are they all cash-centered, or is she in it for goods and services, too?

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