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Ryan blames their loss on Leslie because she was responsible for changing the idea. "Wow, that is so incorrect," Leslie says flatly. Marcela agrees with Ryan. Leslie blames Marcela for the loss. Marcela is aghast. Leslie announces that Marcela didn't bring innovative, new ideas to the task and that she and Ryan carried the whole thing while Marcela sat and played on the internet. Ryan shakes his head. "This is so weak, this is so desperate -- what do you mean, 'She plays on the internet'? Are you kidding me right now?" Marcela demands. Once again everyone agrees that it was a decent idea that was poorly executed. My GOD, I don't want to type those words anymore! Leslie goes on that she's sorry that she has to give an honest answer but she thinks that she and Ryan are the strongest in the group. Charles' cigar reminds Leslie that her record is 0-2. "Right," Leslie nods enthusiastically, as if this helps her case. Martha sends them all out.

Martha tells Alexis and Charles that Leslie is a problem for her because she talks too much. "She talks too much and she says too little," Alexis agrees. Whereas Alexis doesn't talk at all and says even less. Charles thinks that Marcela might be too much of a shrinking violet who runs the risk of disappearing. Ah, but not if you've got Martha as a gardener! Or at least if you've got Martha to sign the checks that pay for the gardeners.

The Troublesome Trio returns to the conference room. Martha tells Ryan she doesn't want to see such a strong player give way to bad ideas. Next, Martha turns to Marcela and tells her she doesn't have enough backbone and is always slouching in her chair. Kudos to Marcela for not immediately sitting up straight as I would have probably done under those cold blue eyes. Finally, Martha tells Leslie that she talks too much without really saying anything. She also calls Leslie on how she's always running out to get consultants and focus groups for their tasks. "This company started by telling other people what to like or showing them what to like instead of asking," Alexis comments. With that line and the earlier line about Leslie talking loads but saying nothing, I'm beginning to feel they're scripting Alexis.

"Exactly, and I want to continue that method, because it works," Martha says. "WE are the experts. WE know what's going to sell. WE know what people are going to read. WE know what colors people will love. WE know that and WE communicate that." I wonder if Martha's ever read We by Zamyatin. Scared the crap out of me in college. Martha says "WE" need substance because it is the substance that makes her life interesting and it's the substance that she craves. I know which substance I crave that makes my life interesting. Charles and Martha come down on Leslie for how awful the showroom looked and for inviting a car to eat dinner at a table that looked that bad. I have to say, I don't think the car is that picky. Martha tells Ryan he can stay, and then turns to Marcela and Leslie. "I would prefer having the do-er rather than the talker, so I just have to tell you, Leslie, thank you, but we just don't need you." Harsh buds! Leslie thanks Martha and leaves. Outside, Marcela reaches out to Leslie for a hug. Ryan also hugs Leslie and her Hubba Bubba pink wool blazer.

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Apprentice: Martha




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