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Martha's Good Thing O' the Week is: "Should you follow trends?" I don't really see how that comes into play in this episode, but I'm sure they'll manage to shoehorn it in as awkwardly as when they paralleled Martha's gardens with the car task. "You have a strong opinion about your own product, your own idea -- second-guessing yourself is unnecessary," Martha opines. What does that have to do with following trends? In her test kitchen, Martha pours milk into an Aplico baking dish of roasted rhubarb. And then burns her hand on the pan. I'm not going to make fun of that. All the dead skin has finally peeled off my left hand, and it no longer looks so shiny. "You should not always be looking for the trend. You should develop the trend," Martha counsels. Ah, I get it. But not really. Just because I want to develop a trend of primal screaming every night at 12:22 doesn't mean that people are going to stop looking at me like I'm insane and start doing it themselves. Martha and several of her closest friends -- er, co-workers sit around a long table and laugh for the camera.

Matchstick dealership. After Leslie orders Ryan to get materials for their display, Ryan tells us he came up with the idea to produce a commercial to go along with the showroom display. Sounds good. Now, how is Leslie going to fuck it up? Ryan directs the commercial and explains that the commercial would have the car driving up to a "nice Italian restaurant" then it would cut to the showroom with the car "sitting" at the table and then it would end with a dessert scene. If Jessica Simpson starts sudsing the Lucerne with chocolate sauce, I'm leaving. And so is Nick Lachey, evidently. Ryan finishes the commercial. He even gets to say, "And that will be a wrap."

Primarius in the advertising office. Dawna and Hateful Jim talk to an expert about building the showroom set. Bethenny asks some questions, and while Dawna is more than happy to explain whatever it is to her, Hateful Jim gets all "we can't be explaining every little detail to you." Bethenny backs off a bit, but raises her hackles when Hateful Jim snots that they can't get everything approved by Bethenny. Dawna tries to intercede. Bethenny confesses, "Jim and I are like a married couple that sometimes fight and then make up and then fight and make up." Well, I now know what I'm giving Bethenny on their next anniversary. Three years is cyanide capsules, right? Bethenny is pissed that Hateful Jim snapped at her and says she's going to the prop house. Hateful Jim asks if she's going alone. "Well, I don't want to go with you, that's for sure," Bethenny says. More bickering. Dawna finally makes them both go outside and out of earshot of their expert. She's afraid their experts won't work with them if they keep seeing all this unprofessional infighting. Meanwhile, we can still hear the Bickersons in the hall. Hateful Jim tells Bethenny that she's wrong about whatever it is they're fighting about. In a confessional, Hateful Jim says that Bethenny sucks at doing anything that is conceptual, and that for her to second-guess him (HIM!) is flat-out ridiculous. Dawna finally tries to break it up and smooth things over. "Not if she's the wounded soldier, and I'm the bad guy," Hateful says. Oh, so now you DON'T want to be the bad guy? Matchstick. Leslie calls a PR specialist to "refine" their concept. And by "their concept," she means "her concept." And by "refine," she means "completely change." Their "specialist" comes up with the following: "You enjoy the best and have just about everything. Someone who can take you anywhere you want to go, fast." It doesn't even make sense. Leslie feels comfortable with this because it came from a "specialist." Leslie and Marcela go to edit the video, and Leslie tells us, "I basically produced the video." She explains to Ryan that they have the copy needed for the video and she also very quickly glosses over the fact that she changed the concept. She LITERALLY says, "Changedtheconceptyouknow -- ANYHOW. Bottom line. This is the tag: those who enjoy the luxury of choice choose Buick's new Lucerne." Ryan looks too tired to fight, although he does protest slightly when he sees how Leslie crapped up his video. Ryan confesses that he doesn't even get what Leslie's new concept is, and thinks she made a bad decision. In the editing room, Leslie says, "It will come together." "Oh, I think it's beautiful," Marcela says. "Just trust me," Leslie pisses between clenched teeth. Um, Marcela was saying it was beautiful? So, I think she was trusting you? Bitch?

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Apprentice: Martha




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