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Primarius showroom. They get stuff set up, but their fabricator is late. Don't worry, I'm sure he can fabricate an excuse. Rimshot! There's an attempt to make minor panic with this lateness, but I'm not buying it. Mostly because Matchstick's post-Turkey Hill car scene had the Loser Music dialed up on the radio. Bethenny and Hateful Jim amicably discuss the showroom. In a confessional, Hateful Jim says, "Bethenny and I kind of fight with each other a little bit. But Bethenny, whether she admits it or not, or realizes it or not, looks to me for a certain amount of support and strength." Oh, can it with some peaches, Hateful Jim. Hateful Jim then giggles at Bethenny over how much Dawna wants the win and says that if they don't get rid of her she could win the whole thing. Bethenny says that, unlike Hateful, she doesn't spend time thinking about how to get rid of the strong to ensure that the weak are her only competition. "If we fail, I don't care whose fault it is -- it's her fault," Hateful Jim chortles. Hateful Jim sees Dawna as his only real threat among the (im)Clones left. Dawna confesses that she knows Hateful Jim will try to sacrifice her if they lose, but she's not going to think about that today. She'll think about it tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day. Dawna leads her team in a lukewarm team cheer, and we finally see their stuff being taken off the trucks. The showroom starts to come together.

Matchstick. Their showroom also starts to come together. Leslie still doesn't seem to know what they're trying to do. They run into a snag when Marcela informs Leslie that she doesn't know when they can get the carpet delivered. Marcela explains to us what all she has to do that day, from picking up the carpet to getting the props to tying up loose ends -- hmm, I don't see surfing the internet on that list, do you? Leslie thinks that Marcela is dead weight in this particular task: "I love her, but I need innovation. I need people -- I needed another Leslie on my team. I really did!" How can you even make fun of a statement like that? It makes fun of itself. Leslie hauls furniture and says, "I love to wear Armani and carry furniture!" Really? That's so funny, because I love to wear Gucci and scoop litter boxes! Isn't life grand? Leslie bitches that the tablecloths are different colors, adding, "Only a woman would know." Because...all men are colorblind? Ryan and Leslie agree that they're going to have to work with what they've got.Day of Wreckening. Primarius showroom. Hateful Jim slithers along the floor, brushing at the black carpet that leads up to a black granite-like dais. I'm inordinately pleased by how much time Hateful Jim spends on all fours in this episode. The GMites arrive, and Dawna pitches their "Driven by Elegance" concept. She explains that developed a display around the Lucerne that specifically showcases the car. Bethenny smoothly steps in to say her piece: "We chose a sleek, elegant design. This car is definitely a practical car, but it's beautiful, it has style. And we chose to do a gallery wall [pan across to the car porn], because people like to be a little bit chic -- people like to feel like they're going to a gallery, so we wanted to create an environment that made us feel that it was all about the car yet still exciting in itself." Sure enough, in keeping with the art gallery idea, there are a few low, black leather benches set off to the side where one can sit and stare at the car and ponder the artist's meaning. What mood was he in when he placed the headlights? Ah, but you see the accents on the rims? He did that after his lover left him for a Barcelona whore. Bethenny finishes her spiel, and Dawna confesses that Bethenny did a really good job. As the GMites leave, Charles looks happily over at Primarius.

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Apprentice: Martha




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