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A Ridiculous Display

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Day of Wreckening II. Matchstick showroom. Leslie "explains" their concept in a halting and rambling speech. Lots of awkward pauses are strategically scattered throughout her little talk. Charles even rudely checks his watch. Matchstick shows their video as a "multimedia presentation." Which also ends up being very awkward with strange pauses. Leslie doing the voice-over just sealing-waxes their failure. In the video, she says something about lacking "that one special relationship," and I start to shift uncomfortably in my seat because, dude, I just want a car, I don't want a "special relationship." The whole presentation is very painful and odd. Ryan confessionals that their concept was never fully elucidated in the video. The video ends, and one of the GMites forces a smile and whispers, "O-kay." She can't wait to get away from Matchstick and their "special relationship" before Leslie starts talking about lube jobs. The GMites leave. Leslie confessionals that she's proud of what they put together, especially since she did everything "almost single-handedly" to make the concept work. She's convinced of their win.

Martha walks across a "tarmac" to a waiting "private jet" and fakes her way through a phone call. "Well, I'm just getting on a plane -- is the storm gone? Oh, GOODY!" Yes, she actually said "goody." And you know what? It's going to turn out that she was talking about Katrina. And why is she fake-asking the fake person on the phone about the storm? Isn't that something that, oh, I don't know, her PILOT should be concerned about? Shut up, Martha.The (im)Clones enter a conference room filled with GMites. They "get" Martha on the "phone," who says she's about to "take off" but she wants to hear what happened in the task. One of the GMites tells Martha that Matchstick's concept was confusing. He explains, "The centerpiece of the display was the car positioned at a table." Martha laughs snidely. The GMite goes on that he wasn't really sure what they were trying to get across. "At a table, huh, that's a little confusing," Martha says. Leslie forces one of her smiles as Martha asks about Primarius. A different GMite goes into rhapsodies about how awesome their display was. They loved the fact that the car was the star. Primarius is the clear winner. In fact, the GMites are so thrilled with Primarius's concept that they are going to build a kit to recreate the display at their twenty-seven hundred Buick dealerships around the country. Primarius has come a long way from Tide-to-Go, and their reward is to have dinner in a private room at the Four Seasons with Charles and Susan Lyne, Martha's CEO and President. Martha encourages them to make a good impression on those two people. Then she singsongs that Matchstick will make their way to the conference room to be judged and found wanting.

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Apprentice: Martha




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