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There's No Success Like Failure And Failure's No Success At All

Elsewhere, Alexis snaps a shot of Primarius's cake, which now looks tannish with white pearlized detail. How weird. I mean, it's still pretty, but it looked really white when they were packing it up. Ryan sits down with a couple and really tries to sell them the cake. The couple wants to know how much the cake would cost for one hundred twenty guests. Primarius' cake is six dollars a person, which comes to seven hundred twenty dollars. The bride's jaw drops as Ryan looks quickly at the groom. "Yeah," the groom shrugs. "Yeahhhh?" the bride asks. "Sure," the groom says. The bride once again asks the groom if he's sure. "Of course, what's the matter?" the groom asks. The bride is tearing up, and it's really kind of sweet even if the camera does decide to give us a close-up of her red nose. "It's only a cake," the groom says, squeezing his bride's hand. Ryan beams at them as the bride wipes her eyes. Ryan confesses that buying the cake was the first thing that couple had done for their wedding and it made him feel really good. Amanda congratulates Ryan and Ryan grabs Sarah in a big hug. Aw, I like this team. I wish we saw more of them. Of course, if we did, I'm sure I probably wouldn't like them. Howie kisses Ryan on the cheek as Ryan, still grinning, says, "I sold you a cake." Bethenny the Banana Bitch glares at all of this and stomps back to Matchstick to announce, "They sold a cake."

David says he was hoping and praying for one customer with a boatload of friends so they could win the task. "I mean, look at him -- he's right off of Self-Portrait or Freewheelin' or Infidels," Mathra announces. Bethenny talks to a couple, who says they have three hundred guests coming. The Matchstick cake is ten dollars a person. "This is it!" Bethenny announces to the couple, and then we cut back to hear her also saying, "I'm not trying to pressure you at all. I'm really not." Bethenny confesses that she had so many people "on the line" and that she's desperate to make the sale. We see the couple Bethenny was talking to sitting in a corner, talking quietly. Bethenny presses her hands together in prayer. Will they make such a lucrative sale? I doubt it. Given that we've spent most of this hour watching Matchstick, I predict they are going to lose yet again. Furthermore, if they had made that three-thousand-dollar sale, I think the producers would have shown that so there would have been some ambiguity or surprise when it's announced that Primarius wins.

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Apprentice: Martha




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