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For this week's Good Thing, we learn that Martha believes that being a good leader is very important. Thanks, Martha.

At the loft, the ideas -- not the plans -- fly. Weather Girl Shawn says she found a costume shop with Dutch Girl costumes and they can have two girls wear them to promote the store. Dawn twists the sides of her hair into ponytails and says, "It's so slutty and trashy -- I love it!" Okay, but this isn't Trump, this is Martha. Think about that for a moment. At times Trump might think sex sells, but I seriously doubt Martha ever does. Chuck wants them to explain things to him. "We get children and it's called 'Tiptoe Through the Tulips' and kids are who bring people in," Bethenny explains. Are the kids in the "slutty and trashy" Dutch Girl costumes? Weather Girl Shawn adds, "The angle is that they're flown in fresh from Holland." The kids are? I see; this is all cut to show chaos in order to lead up to PM Chuck finally losing it and saying quietly, "Guys, I'm making a decision here that's probably never been made before in this kind of situation -- I'm handing my management over to someone else and I'm leaving the loft." Hateful Jim rubberfaces and says, "No, you're not!" I swear, he knows exactly when the camera is on him and he just plays to it. At one point he even looks directly at the camera, looks quickly away, mashes his lips together, and flares his nostrils like a freaking horse. Hateful Jim confesses that he doesn't want Chuck to leave because Chuck is showing his weaknesses, and it's something he'll be able to expose if they lose. I want Howie to take Hateful Jim out to the shed and beat the tar and cocaine out of him. "It's Everest, man," Hateful Jim tells Chuck encouragingly, "just a little higher."

Hateful Jim Metaphor Break: Pied Pipers, oaks, scythes, kings, and now Everest.

The team coddles, hugs, kisses his bald head, and generally talks Chuck off the ledge. Finally, Chuck stands up and shouts, "Stop! Stop. Come and sit on this yellow sofa and we're going to have a discussion." He lays out the plan and tells them that they're going to sell bundled tulips and that's it. Dawn confesses how Chuck really rallied and pulled through for the team and told them everything they were going to do -- something she was very happy about. Chuck adds, "We can't do a million things, because you know? We just plain can't." Hateful Jim waits for a camera to be on him before he grins idiotically, waggles his head, and bounces in his seat.

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Apprentice: Martha




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