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Conference room. Martha goes to Bethenny first, who says she can't single any one person out for the loss. But when Charles interrupts to ask Dawna about Bethenny as a project manager, Dawna says she wasn't very good. She says Bethenny's hyper attitude didn't "motivate" or "instill confidence" in her team (though by "her team," Dawna clearly means "me"). Bethenny explains how she initially second-guessed Dawna's on-air ability, but "corrected" that once she saw how it was bugging her. Martha asks about the on-air presentation, and Dawna reiterates how "shocked" she was that Jim didn't take a giant dump on the driveway or whatever she feared might happen. Charles asks Howie why they lost, and Howie starts hemming and hawing about how maybe it was the product, an idea Martha quickly shoots down. She thinks this was a sales pitch problem -- hey! Remember today's Good Thing? -- and focuses on Jim for talking over Dawna (which we didn't see, but no one is objecting) and for having his back to the camera at times. Martha doesn't feel like the presentation was practiced enough, which opens the door for the whole tag-out thing with Howie.

Jim couches it as "Howie's decision to back out," which Howie immediately calls him on, and Jim immediately admits Howie is right, so why even bother with the lie? Howie starts to walk Martha through the process of how he didn't do anything. He was willing to do the presentation, the team tried it out, and it wasn't working. "No magnetism?" Martha wonders. Hee. I liked that for some reason. Howie sort of blushes and admits that maybe he and Dawna didn't have the right chemistry. Bethenny gets into how Howie wouldn't rehearse and didn't even know the name of the product, and then she backs herself down, saying she doesn't "want to get hyper." And, again, she doesn't snot that last line so much as tacitly agree that she does tend to spazz out. Martha has heard enough, and asks Bethenny who she would send back up to the loft. Which I didn't even realize was still an option anymore, since both Martha and Trump have been so haphazard with board/conference room parliamentary procedure this season. Bethenny very begrudgingly says she'll send Dawna back up, which I think she did because Jim got hit so specifically by Martha on the presentation problems. I think all of a sudden it looked to Bethenny like she had another out besides Howie. Plus, Dawna's track record meant she wasn't going anywhere yet, so why should Bethenny have painted herself in a corner?

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Apprentice: Martha




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