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Up Your Nose with a Retractable Hose

Outside the conference room, Bethenny feels like a jerk. Jim advises her not to say anything to Howie, but she does anyway, apologizing and giving him a hug. The apology isn't really necessary, of course, but it's a kind gesture. She feels bad, yo.

Martha, Alexis, and Charles debate just what it is about Howie that's not a good thing. No passion! Not a risk-taker! Martha finds fault with his competitive spirit, though Alexis thinks he likes to compete when he knows he'll win. I'm just glad Alexis gets to take part in the post-booting chat for once. Usually it's just Martha getting her affirmation from Charles, and then on to the letter. Speaking of which: "Dear Howie, Thanks for stopping by! I really wish you had done some permanent physical harm to Jim while you were here, but it seems we'll have to leave that to...well, Amanda, I guess. You should start a business with your wife. May your lives be full of the kind of love that I have for the fish mounted on my walls. Catch you on the flip side, Martha."

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Apprentice: Martha




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