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The sun sets on picturesque QVC village, and all of a sudden it's 2 AM and Primarius is still trying to get their presentation down. According to Bethenny, at this point she "forced" Howie to rehearse with Dawna, who is indeed doing quite well. Of course, when she tries to throw things over to Howie in one of those TV "we're going to fake a conversation" techniques, he DeNiros back at her: "You talkin' to me?" If only he were kidding. But no. In fact, just to give you the full Howie experience, I'm going to quote his sales pitch directly: "One simple easy to use dewi-- device, lightweight grchabiddible air compressor, deflatable…it'sssssss…" At which point Jim has to remind him of the name of the product. This does not look good. Bethenny looks like she might die again. "The fact that Howie choked meant that Howie had done nothing all day," Bethenny interviews. "He didn't know the name of the product we were selling. Howie just basically wasted our time." I don't like her and I kind of like him, but it's hard to argue with that. All signs are pointing to Howie having taken a powder for this entire task. Bethenny pulls PM rank on Howie and decides Jim will replace him on-air. Howie doesn't mind, because what does he care? Dawna, though? I guarantee you she cares. Because: Jim! She interviews (and she may also be up a tree, though it doesn't nearly have the same "kitten rescue" effect) that she's worried that Jim will say "something he shouldn't" on live TV. What, something about stuffing his sausage in the lower intestine? He wouldn't say that on TV! Jim shares Dawna's fear, shockingly enough, as he confesses to the group that he worries he'll "go off and be, like, a nut." He says it's his natural reaction. Boy, this really is the week for self-awareness at Primarius. Of course, if you knew that making a sales pitch on TV turned you into a spazzy, obnoxious, coked-out douchebag, wouldn't you not star in a TV show that involves selling things?The next morning, Matchstick begins to set up for their presentation. Marcela gets to work making sure the set looks the way she wants it to. She interviews that she was very comfortable picking out the props and sets, "especially when Amanda moved away and started working on her presentation." Yeah, I don't think Amanda did herself too many favors on this task. Marcela is very confident as she brings her set design together. I like her a lot. I don't think she's going to win, because she excels in a narrower range and isn't a great leader, but when you give her the right task, like this or the salad dressing, she's going to rock it.

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Apprentice: Martha




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