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Who Let The Jim Out?

Charles, Martha, and Alexis do their non-discussion of the two candidates.

David and Marcela go back into the conference room. Martha asks why David wants to be an executive at Martha Stewart Omnimedia. David bobs his head and says, "I want to run the internet portion of your business." He goes on to say that when doing a recipe search elsewhere, he doesn't find, and when he goes to the website, he doesn't get "the full Martha Stewart experience." That's because there's no link to Alderson. David wants to make Martha's site the "staple of the internet."

When Marcela is asked the same question, she goes on that she has wanted this job all her life, she knows what Martha likes, she knows Martha's market, she knows publishing, and she has all the magazines. Charles admits that when he was with David's portion of the team, he didn't think David did very much. However, he likes what David has to say about that internet thing. Martha addresses the both of them, calling each of them on their weaknesses, but finally says that David isn't ready for an executive position at this point in his life. She shakes his hand. David gets up and specifically thanks all three of them by name and wants to take a moment to say how much he enjoyed the whole experience. Martha kind of sighs a little regretfully as she watches them walk out. Outside the room, David and Marcela go their separate ways.

In the conference room, Charles says, "You know, in the future, I'd like to hear his internet ideas." Alexis agrees that they sounded great. "Well, I will write him a letter and ask him to --" Martha starts. Charles points at himself like he should be the one to write the letter. "To forward them to us," Martha says. "Yeah," Charles says. Um, no. "Forward" his ideas? I don't think so -- you bring David to your offices and you talk to him about HIS ideas, and then you hire him to implement them, even if it's only on contract. He's not going to "FORWARD" you his ideas just so you can just give them to a current member of your team!

"Dear David, Please come back because I want to know what this in-ter-net thing is of which you speak. I used to sing on The Merv Griffin Show and now Merv doesn't know what a computer is, but I work for a company that has a website and I think we need more of the in-ter-net stuff. Sincerely, Charles. P.S. Can you show me how to check my email?"

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Apprentice: Martha




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