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Who Let The Jim Out?

Martha addresses the two teams under the Broadway Barks marquee and congratulates both of them for doing such good jobs. Martha tells Primarius that their reward is the fact that they can feel warm and fuzzy for raising money for dog shelters and homeless dogs: "Giving back is very important in business. As you make it, as you succeed, giving back is terribly, terribly important." And giving back is terribly, terribly a tax break.

Dawna corners Leslie and dumps on Marcela for not negotiating a single deal. David corners a still a-bed Ryan and pleads his case. He admits that he didn't do a lot of negotiating, and Ryan tells him he thinks Marcela is the weaker of the two of them. Ryan confesses that Marcela did a great job on the last task but thinks she can only be good in the kitchen. However, he still thinks David's contribution was fairly minimal. Oh, come on, he was writing liner notes to "Talkin' Dog Show Broadway Auction Blues" -- that's gotta count for something!

Marcela says she wants the job more than David does, and that David has contributed the least amount over all the tasks and is less suited to the position than she. David sits on a couch and writes. He's now composing "It Ain't Me Babe."

Conference room. Martha thinks that last night went very well for everyone but, of course, there's always a winner and there's always a loser. Martha is told by Mark Burnett to ask David if there were any problems with the negotiations. David says, "We decided beforehand that we wouldn't have all three of us bombard the celebrity." I think that sounds quite sensible. Charles's Cigar points out that David didn't really say much at all. Ever. Ryan shifts in his seat and looks uncomfortable. Because he's a nice guy. Next to him, Leslie just grins spasmodically. There's something weird about that one and her hair-trigger million-watt grin. I don't like it. It's unnatural to smile that much and that automatically. David tries to defend his reason for using his computer during the Merv Moment, and Charles tells him that if he had come up with one idea for the team, they might have won. Because the bidders were paying more for the caliber of celebrities rather than the idea itself, I really don't see how that follows, but whatever, Charles. When asked, Ryan says that two of the packages flopped and he takes responsibility for one of them: the Chad Whoington Package. Ryan goes on to say that he doesn't, however, take responsibility for the team's loss. He blames Marcela and her lack of leadership for that. Dawna agrees. Amanda thinks that both Marcela and David have a lack of leadership, but at least David has already been a project manager. And what an effectual team leader he was! Charles's Cigar asks if Marcela feels ganged up on. Marcela thinks for a moment and says she sort of does, but she'll let them have their opinions. She calls herself a "quiet force." She points to David as the one who should go home, and Leslie agrees because she thinks David has a lack of experience. "Well, enough of all this," Martha says, "I'm not going to ask any more advice." It's clear Martha doesn't like that the show dictates that she ask all the team members their opinions on who should go home. She tells David and Marcela that they are the only ones she wants to come back into the conference room.

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Apprentice: Martha




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