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Martha's Good Thing O' the Week is: "How do you pay attention to your client?" Well, anvils are certainly a tried and true way to tell that special someone you are thinking only of them.

Bethenny, Hateful, and Dawna are shown assiduously researching the company and learning about Song's target audience before putting in a call to the executives. Bethenny praises Song's use of organic food and their intimation that their travelers can have a hip, high-class lifestyle at a reasonable price. The Song execs are very impressed with Bethenny's research and grasp of Song's ideology. One of the execs tells Primarius that they also have signature cocktails served in an acrylic martini glass, which is just fancy way of saying "plastic." Hateful Jim goes on a random tangent about clothing that people wear on Song's flights. One of the execs laughs that they don't have a dress code. "You know it's not people in sweat pants, but is it people in Diesel jeans or is it people in A-line skirts and Pullmans?" Hateful Jim asks. Does he really think that the Song executives would know what brand of jeans their flyers are wearing? Also, aren't Pullmans either pieces of luggage or train cars? Dawna confessionals that Hateful Jim is a freak and doesn't ask the executives questions that are relevant. Primarius prepares to take off for the next leg of the task. Bethenny watches Hateful Jim walk away with narrowed eyes before she quickly turns to Dawna and says that as far as she's concerned, it's just the two of them on this task, and she's not going to engage Hateful Jim's camera-ready insanity. Dawna is in full agreement with her. Bethenny wants their approach to be, "High style, low fare, we are a breath of fresh air." Primarius story-boards their approach, and Bethenny confessionals that with Dawna as the organized administrator and Hateful Jim as the artsy-fartsy type, she is always the one with the big idea. They plot out a businessman having a martini on the flight. "Something about how he never gets to relax like this at home," Bethenny announces. Hateful Jim describes the flight attendant serving the businessman his drink: "So here she comes, she has great calves. And here's the woman who is checking her in -- maybe she has sexy legs, you don't know." Bethenny tells Hateful Jim that he needs to focus on the big picture: "We don't need to worry about calves." "And she has her tray," Hateful Jim goes on, "and here are her nice legs that he enjoys although he would never touch." He's just living in his own little world, isn't he? "And here is their pet elephant who they sometimes call 'Mimi' but other times call 'Drake.' And maybe they go to a park and have a sandwich..."

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Apprentice: Martha




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