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It's Quite Easy Being Green

"I think we're dealing with a nut on one hand and a weak manager on the other hand," Charles's cigar says. "It's easy to blame Jim," Alexis says. Yes, it's easy because he's so patently and clearly IN-SANE! Basically, it sounds like they all agree that Jennifer is at fault for not controlling Hateful Jim's insanity. Martha calls Jennifer and Hateful Jim back in and gives them a lecture about how everyone she has working at MSLO is so nice. ["Except her." -- Sars] She turns to Hateful Jim: "You do fly off the handle -- you're experimental, let's put it that way." Emphasis on the "mental." "I'm fighting for my life in this game," Hateful Jim says. "Okay, well, this is NOT a game -- this is a job interview!" Martha says. "Right, correct," Hateful Jim says. SHUT UP!! When asked, Hateful Jim says he is far superior to Jennifer in every way, shape, and form, "other than -- I'm not part of the bar." "He's a better liar," Jennifer says. "Lawyers are liars where I come from. I don't like lawyers -- I'm in sales," Hateful Jim says. And salesmen never, EVER lie. Jennifer wants to know, if Hateful Jim is all that, why he hasn't been project manager, and why he's been repeatedly brought back to the conference room. In the end, Mark Burnett decides that Jennifer goes because she couldn't control Hateful Jim's offensiveness, and Hateful Jim is kept on for ratings. Oh, and this time Martha says, "So, Jennifer, you're just not working for me." Lame. Lame. LAME! They both leave.

"Well, it's more interesting to have a live wire around than an ineffectual manager," Martha says, reading her cue card. She writes Jennifer her letter: "Dear Jennifer, You were not insane enough to be kept along longer than strictly necessary. After all, high ratings are a good thing. Not that we would know on this particular show. Sincerely, Mark Burnett."

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Apprentice: Martha




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