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It's Quite Easy Being Green

Primarius. Jennifer bitches to Bethenny about the warning they got. For some reason, they decided to give us subtitles for this conversation. Maybe it's because she's Asian. "Who likes Asian vinaigrette -- anybody? Perfect on cereal for the kids!" Hateful Jim bellows. Oh, parents are going to love that morning fight. "I don't care what the crazy grocery man said: you can't have salad dressing on your Cheerios!" Jennifer asks Howie what she should do about Hateful Jim. Howie mutters that he doesn't know and tells Hateful that his hat is crooked. "After the reprimand, my intention was to pull Jim out, but I truly did not know how [sic] Jim's reaction was gonna be. I think Jim might have been unpredictable and exploded even more!" Well, if that was the case, Project Manager, than Martha would have had a very easy decision to make in the conference room. I say, let him explode and get his crazy ass fired. Carrie says that Hateful Jim can't read his audience and she will be curious to see what happens if they lose. Alexis walks in to observe them. "Now we don't want to pitch a hard sell on you, but if you don't taste this you're outta your mind!" Hateful Jim announces. Alexis says that it didn't look like Jennifer was doing much other than helping Bethenny behind the counter. Finally, the day is over; Howie thinks they did well because he doesn't think Matchstick had the guts to put as high a price on their dressing. The team files past a framed picture of Martha and her three Himalayan cats hung somewhere in the bowels of Stew Leonard's.

The teams walk into the conference room. "David, you're smiling like a Cheshire [she pronounces it 'Sheshire'] cat -- do you know something I don't know?" Martha asks in severe tones. It's just gas. Internet David says that he knows they had a lot of fun and sold as much dressing as they could. Martha thinks it's nice to see him smiling. Martha turns to Primarius and asks about their dressing. After learning that Bethenny created it, Martha takes a little cruet, shakes it, and pours some of the dressing on lettuce leaves. Before tasting, she wants to know what's in it. Bethenny lists sesame oil, rice wine vinegar, honey, wasabi, peanut butter, white wine vinegar, olive oil, and ginger. Wow. That's a lot of strong flavors going on all at once -- I really wonder how any of them are going to be able to shine. If you're using sesame oil, I don't think the peanut butter is strictly necessary unless it's for texture more than taste, and what happened to the balsamic vinegar she insisted they were using in the test kitchen? And the lemons? Martha tastes, and likes, both dressings. "Well, Alexis, how do you think Primarius did?" Martha asks. "Well, I know how Primarius did," Alexis says. I love the slight stress she put on correcting her mother. Depths, people, depths. Alexis reports that Primarius sold three hundred and ninety-one bottles at three dollars and ninety-nine cents, and brought in fifteen hundred and sixty dollars and nine cents. Martha is impressed. Charles reports that Matchstick sold their dressing at three dollars and forty-nine cents, and they sold four hundred and fifty-three bottles for a total sale of fifteen hundred and eighty dollars and ninety-seven cents. Martha exclaims over the twenty-dollar difference. "Well, finally, you have two losers from the last Matchstick -- the original Matchstick -- and how did they do?" Martha asks. Heh. She called them losers. Ryan says that everything he heard about David and Marcela was completely untrue and that they were both great team players. Martha points out that Ryan chose Marcela last. "Well, I wanted to make sure I had another guy on my team for some grunt-work purposes," Ryan says. "Oh, I see," Martha responds. "But she can grunt pretty well, right?" "Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!" Marcela answers. Okay, I think we're getting into a weird area. Martha congratulates them and says their reward is to sail on a schooner around Ellis Island.

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Apprentice: Martha




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