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Conference Room. Martha again says how hard that was. Charles (or his cigar) tells her that she made the right decision. "Well, it's about connecting and he didn't connect," Martha says, pulling a piece of paper toward her. She begins to write, "Dear Jeffrey, I'm sorry that you are the first to go -- not to fail, but rather, not to fully succeed. You entered this serious endeavor knowing that someone would have to leave after the first task, unfortunately, it is you. [Um, ouch!] Personally, it is hard to make such a judgment call but it is part of this interview process. Good luck, travel safely, it was great to meet you. Cordially, Martha Stewart." Ookay...? So, when is he going to get this letter? In the cab on the way to the airport? At home? It's sort of bizarre. Plus? The writing was kinda messy ["the grammar sucked too" -- Sars] -- she should've had a piece of paper underneath with dark lines showing her where to write. I think I saw that in "Good Things" once.

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Apprentice: Martha




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