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Hateful Jim, Dawn, Internet David, and Leslie go to a hardware store. Hateful Jim clowns around with a pair of sunglasses. Fire him. Marcela phones them to tell them that the contractors stopped working at midnight and that they left notes, saying that the only way to finish on time was to paint some of the rooms themselves. Hateful Jim flings his hand out in disgust. Dawn expresses her disapproval of the plan, and it really doesn't sound like she's the only one to do it. Dawn complesses that she was pissed and there was no way she was going to stay up all night painting. Okay, Dawn, I've been your supporter all along, but here is where you've gotta suck it up. I know that Leslie wasted way too much time and got the team into this painting mess as a result, but given that you've been scapegoated through so many tasks, it would have been much smarter if you just did the paint job and then pointed out how lousy Leslie was later instead of giving the team yet another reason to align against you. At 2:15 AM, we see Matchstick painting. We see a tired-looking Dawn sitting...somewhere. See, given that it's a close-up and she's now wearing a totally different sweater than the one we saw her wearing in the hardware store, it's sort of hard for me to believe that it's even the same night, and the "Dawn, you don't want to paint?" dubbed over the scene doesn't go far to convince me. Leslie complesses, "Dawn is just confrontational and Dawn's lazy -- she's probably the laziest person in the entire loft." Yeah, she's "confrontational" because she called you on your ass-poor time-management skills.

Next morning, alarm clocks go off at 5:30 and Leslie walks into wake up Internet David. The team appears to be in the kitchen, dressed and waiting for Dawn. If Leslie could walk into David's room to wake him up, she didn't do the same for Dawn…why? At 6:15, we see Dawn still in bed. Leslie says they had to leave the loft by 6:30. David goes and tries to wake Dawn up. Leslie says, "We almost had one less player on our team because Dawn was useless." Marcela whisper-orders, "Go! Go! Go! Go!" to Dawn, who stumbles out mumbling that David just "shook" her awake. Over at the suite, Matchstick's contractors work. The Matches help. Leslie says they are all finally "getting" what their FLoW concept was all about. I still don't get it.

Primarius. Amanda calls a quick team meeting. Howie stares at her. Amanda makes a speech: "I've learned some things since working with you which is, you're the sharpest people that I know, so I sharpened some pencils just for you!" Oh, she didn't. She did. Amanda hands out pencils with curled gold ribbon trailing from them and little cards attached. Ryan explains that the little notes were "words of wisdom from Amanda." Gross. That's just so cutesy, so totally what some of my sorority sisters would have done, and as much as I love my sorority house, that's simply not a good thing. Ryan says it's hokey and it sounds funny and they all chuckled over it, "but it worked! You know, for some reason we kinda came together that morning and we buckled down and got on the same page." It worked because they're all drinking Amanda's Kool-Aid. And that just came out much dirtier than I intended. Primarius is overjoyed to go off and decorate their suite. They stack board games, fill big glass bowls with poker chips and dominoes, and position glass canisters of candy. It's really a cute and cool idea. Charles and Alexis check in on them, and Charles confesses to being really impressed with the concept. Howie makes sure to point out the popcorn machine in the corner.

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