Apprentice: Martha
Swimming Against The Tide

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Buzz Kill

Carrie and Sarah hold hands as they walk through the offices. Carrie keeps a smile on her face, and it looks like Sarah wrenches her hand out of Carrie's.

Martha hastily writes two letters that basically amount to,

"Dear Buzzkill Spinsters, My board of directors has told me that I can't hire any more blonde white women to act as my Hussein-ish body doubles. It's not fair really, because it means I'll have to dye my hair and start cultivating the scarily unhealthy look that Bethenny has. I don't really want to dye my hair, but I'll bet I can whip up a special hair dye in my kitchen from the beets and sumac in my yard and start a beauty magazine in which you make all your own beauty products. Of course, none of this concerns either of you any more. See ya, Martha Stewart."

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Apprentice: Martha




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