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Then Carrie turns on Bethenny, saying, "I haven't worked with Bethenny, specifically, as the teams were broken up, I haven't worked with her, but I think she clearly provides criticism of other ideas without providing a solution." Bethenny denies this and retorts that everyone thinks Carrie is the weakest because she doesn't ever do anything. Carrie protests this, saying she did the budget. "You're unbelievable -- I was at the prop house --" Bethenny starts to shriek. Carrie interrupts that she's not trying to say that Bethenny didn't work hard. "'Work hard'! Are you insane?!" Bethenny creels. She says that Carrie has no idea what's going on because she takes the accounting task every time just so she can be responsible for that one little piece. And what a boring little piece it is. I remember on Trump episodes when keeping track of the budget and dealing with the accounting was actually a major part of the tasks that, if done improperly, could get your ass grilled. Remember when Ivana -- or was it Maria -- went over budget and it was this whole big thing? Martha cuts though the screaming and says this was the worst failure of all the tasks yet. "They missed all of your rules," Charles tells Martha. "Yes. You made something really, really, REALLY unbeautiful," Martha announces. She tells everyone to wait in the reception area while we go to commercial.

Without showing us what Martha and Charles discussed while Alexis pretends to be invisible, Julie tells the team to go back in.

Martha asks Sarah who she thinks did the best job. "Well, I think Jim," Sarah says, rather surprised at herself. "I can't believe I'm saying that, but yes." Charles chortles mightily and Hateful Jim half-smiles. Martha sends Hateful back to the loft. "Thank you very much!" he says somewhat snappishly. Sarah says she would send Howie home because every single person there after every task has questioned, "What did Howie do?" What did Howie do? What did Howie do? Howie DANCED! Sorry, I seem to be having a Footloose moment. Bethenny takes issue with that: "I have a problem with your dishonesty, I really do -- more than anything else." Sarah tells her that's her opinion. "I don't want to work with you because you lie," Bethenny says. Sarah asks what she lied about. Bethenny says that not every member of the team said that about Howie. "We had an absolute conversation about it," Sarah says. An "absolute" conversation, or an "Absolut" conversation? Because I've had many of the latter and can't be held responsible for remembering what was said. Bethenny tells Sarah she's pathetic in her desperation. When asked, Howie thinks that Sarah is the weakest team member. Martha points out that being responsible for the accounting was no big thing to brag about, and also notes that Carrie was sort of the second in command on the team. Martha preaches to them some more before firing both Carrie and Sarah. Sarah thanks her and shakes her hand. Carrie, however, walks all the way around the table to shake Martha's hand and thank her. Alexis gives her a look like, "Bitch? Get back to your side!" Everyone leaves.

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Apprentice: Martha




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