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Martha gets back to the lack of teamwork thing, and quite obviously sympathizes with Marcela. We get into Amanda and how she wouldn't offer any suggestions. Martha asks if she deliberately withheld input, to which Amanda is like, "No! I had tons of ideas, but Marcela never let me talk!" I'm so sure. Marcela says she can't lead a team that doesn't respect her. Amanda and Ryan both openly scoff at this, because it's not like there's any visual evidence of that or anything.Charles asks Amanda what her area of expertise is. She says she has a "promotion and marketing background," although when Martha says she thought she was an attorney, Amanda's like, "That, too." When Martha asks her what she would want to do at MSLO, Amanda goes into this long story about how she loves to decorate and her husband laughs at her, and she loves planting flowers because it gets her hands dirty. I love how Amanda thinks the "my husband thinks it's silly" part will be endearing to Martha, when in reality she's probably thinking what the rest of us are, which is "you sure can pick 'em." Oh, by the way, none of what Amanda says makes any sense, but the following really does take the cake: "The bottom line is people like to see people that are real. They don't want to see someone who's professional and polished all the time and never makes mistakes. They want to see people that say 'I'm flawed.'" She says this. To Martha Stewart. At some point, I think around "never makes mistakes," Alexis looks at Amanda like, "Bitch, is you crazy?!" And, for real, because if anyone on Earth knows how very much Martha needs professional and polished and never makes mistakes, it's Alexis Stewart. Martha's like, "…Okaaaay. Marcela?" Marcela says that if Martha wants someone who is passionate about what she does (food), then Marcela is the girl for her. Then she goes off on this tangent where she is a proud Mexican woman, and it's just like what David said about teaching Martha and Charles how the internet works, except replace "David" with "Marcela" and "internet" with "Latin-American market." And once again, Martha is all "Latin-Americans, you say?" Marcela says that people call her the "Mexican Martha Stewart," but what she really wants is to help famous original Martha to become the "Mexican Martha Stewart." And because I am horrible and was raised on stereotypes, I am now picturing Martha with a moustache and a sombrero. No, I'm not proud of it. Given the opportunity to haul two of her loser teammates into the elimination chamber with her, Marcela chooses Ryan and Amanda (duh), and sends Leslie back upstairs to regale Primarius with what Amanda said about hating perfection.

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Apprentice: Martha




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