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Then? The ADR goes crazy! In a completely apocryphal voice-over, Martha praises Ryan for being Ryan, but chides him for sitting back while his PM was floundering. Real-life Martha tells Marcela that not having control of her team was a problem, and then tells Amanda that she preyed on Marcela's weakness, and didn't do much, if anything, to help her team. Real-life Martha adds that Amanda is not a team player. Then, ADR Martha talks about how teamwork is one of the most important things MSLO has to offer. Real-life Martha returns just long enough to give Amanda the boot, with the following quip: "Goodbye." Man, that one's not even worth making fun of, aside from the fact that it was maybe possibly stolen from that Weakest Link lady.

After the Matchstickians leave, Charles says some stupid thing about the cream rising to the top. Then Martha composes her letter: "Dear Amanda, I'm sorry to have had to let you go. I'm not entirely sure it was the best decision I could have made, but, hey, nobody's perfect, right? Keep dreaming, lady. TTYL, Martha."

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Apprentice: Martha




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