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Meanwhile, Ryan is still on the phone with the "talent" agent, who is now offering Vinny Pastore, who most know as "Big Pussy" from The Sopranos. Now, at first, Ryan seems legitimately excited, probably because he's a Sopranos fan, or else maybe he was just a fan of Vinny as "guy who takes the family photo" in Riding in Cars with Boys (shut up, it was on HBO every hour on the hour last year). But as soon as he sees how much it freaks Marcela out to hear the words "Big Pussy," he keeps repeating the name over and over. Leslie rolls her eyes, as do I. In sort of a prick daily double, Ryan manages to intentionally annoy Marcela with the "Big Pussy, Big Pussy, Big Pussy" talk while never actually looking her in the face or acknowledging her presence, much less her authority as PM. Marcela is aghast, and in any other setting in which Ryan hadn't already established that he hates her, this would have been funny. Because a little part of Marcela's soul dies every time she hears him say "pussy." She can barely say it in her interview. I used to know a girl who physically could not hear that word without freaking out. Swore like a damn sailor when she was driving, but I could be across the room, mouth the word "pussy" and she'd have to avert her eyes. So I know how funny it can be to find that one word that causes people to spasm. But Ryan's being a dick about this, latching on to an idea because he knows Marcela hates it. So it's less funny and more awkward.Marcela tries to get Ryan on the task of finding her a celebrity pastry chef, which I found to be a weird idea at first, but I thought the same thing about the celebrity florist, so what do I know? Ryan semi-bitches to Amanda about how Marcela shot down his Big Pussy idea, as Alexis and Koppelman enter the shop. Marcela explains her pastry chef idea to Charles, but when she asks Ryan how progress on that is coming, he's like, "Yeah, about that -- no one's available." Which is shitty, because it's right in front of the viceroys, but she did ask him a direct question. Marcela promises that they have a plan B, but when Charles asks what the plan B is, she's all "we'll think of something." She then interviews about how flabbergasted she was that Ryan actually answered her question in front of Charles and Alexis. Of course, she makes up for it a bit by getting on the horn and wrangling a chef on her own, all before the viceroys leave. So Ryan couldn't have tried that hard. Marcela now interviews that she could pull off the whole task if she was on her own, which contradicts what she told Amanda, though it underlines the fact that Marcela is not a team-leading kind of employee. It's just rough to watch this team that did so well last week fall completely apart, I must say.

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Apprentice: Martha




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