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Return of the Jimedi

In the conference room, Martha, Charles, and Alexis discuss the candidates. Lyne thinks that Dawna is "almost the whole package," but she's not sure Dawna would do anything that would surprise them. Towey opines that Dawna's responses seemed too pat. "Is that 'pat' or is that polished?" Chernes posits, who was pleased and impressed by her overall experience and appearance. Frau Roach was likewise impressed. In the loft, the remaining (im)Clones pack and talk about their interviewing experience. Hateful Jim confessionals that he's certain he's the one Martha will want. (To take out her trash.)

Conference room. Bethenny was seen to have very high energy that was almost manic. Chernes thinks Bethenny is the only one he could really see working at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Lyne sees Bethenny as entrepreneurial but thinks she's manic, "flits through things," gets bored easily, and moves on quickly. "You know, I don't hold that searching against her," Martha interjects, "I mean, I did that and look! I ended up in a good place!" And also in prison. Roach and Chernes like Bethenny's scrappiness. Lyne expresses dismay (again) over Hateful Jim's admission that he's playing a game. Because CEOs never play the game, right? Chernes puts in, "I couldn't understand a word he said, really. He referred to himself as a 'sapling' to be nurtured and grown, which I don't think any of us have time to do. He kept coming back to truth and beauty as how to work with people. Jim may be talented and creative, but I know that I'd feel comfortable having him at my side in a meeting." They all agree that it's tough to see where exactly Hateful Jim would fit in, and that he would consume way more energy and time than any of them could handle.

The interviewers pass by the interviewees in the waiting room before the interviewees are sent into the conference room. Martha repeats a few of the things said by the interviewers about the interviewees. Martha tells Hateful Jim, "You stressed that you had a strategy for 'playing the game.'" "Life is a game," Hateful Jim instantly responds. SHUT UP ALREADY! Hateful Jim incoherently tries to defend what he said, but I have given him too much of my time already, so we'll just cut to the part when Martha dubs, "While I like someone having a creative spark, you're a loose cannon and you've managed to alienate a lot of your teammates." Martha then says, "And I think that your experience, your level of management skills, and understanding of the Martha Stewart content and brand just isn't thorough enough. Jim, many of the things you do might be perceived as a liability or disruptive." Switch to dubbing: "And here at MSLO, I cannot tolerate that sort of behavior. You've played it your way, and now I'll play it my way: the game's over, Jim, you're outta here." Hateful Jim blinks and looks down at his lap. I am so angered by the dubbing here -- we finally get to watch Hateful Jim get his hateful comeuppance and all the hateful pleasure is sucked away by the apparent falsification of Martha's smackdown! I mean, did they do that for better sound quality, or did she not really say that? Then again, if she really did say something rather innocuous to Hateful Jim, imagine his embarrassment when he sees this is what everyone thinks she said to him. Wait, "embarrassment"? Who am I kidding? He has no shame. Alexis nods to herself. Hateful Jim tells Martha et al. that the experience has been wonderful, and leaves.

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Apprentice: Martha




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