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Return of the Jimedi

In the waiting room, Julia appears to react with surprise at seeing Hateful Jim. "It's all good," Hateful Jim whispers to her. "Thank you so much, Julia. Bye-byeeee!" Please let the door hit you on the way out! Martha writes, "Dear Hateful, Hateful Jim, you only lasted as long as you did on this show because Burnett thought you made 'good' TV. In the end, however, no one really watched, so I don't know how 'good' it actually was. However, I've always known one thing: you would NEVER be A 'Good' Thing at my company. In fact, the only 'good' thing about you is riddance. Martha Stewart. P.S. Keckler really hates you."

The Jimmerwocky

`Twas Burnett, and the slimy shows
Did tire and gimble in the wabe:
All Martha were her orange groves,
And the peastone paths outgrabe.

"Beware the Jimmerwock, my son!
The face that freaks, the nose that snorts!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious metaphor!"

In the conference room, Martha congratulates Bethenny and Dawna. She advises them to go back to their loft and get some rest, but she also wants them to each pick three former (im)Clones that they want to work with on their final task. The duo thanks her and leaves.

In the loft, they find a bottle of chilled Champagne, which they hug in front of and giggle. As Bethenny cracks open the bottle, Dawna peers at the shot-silk-covered photo album and says she can't wait to look at it. Bethenny confessionals that it was wild to be sharing the moment with Dawna since Dawna was the last person she thought would be there with her. They toast each other and the experience. After getting comfy in t-shirts, Dawna, Bethenny, and their glasses of Champagne look through the album and reminisce over the all soldiers that have gone before. When they come to Dawn, Bethenny says, "You know I like her, I really do!" There's a really unflattering picture of the Buzzkill Spinsters looking crabby in the Tide-to-Go task. Bethenny and Dawna start discussing who they want. Dawna knows she wants Amanda, Sarah, and Howie. "I want people behind me who want me to win, so that's how I did my choices," Dawna tells Bethenny. Bethenny is sort of stymied over whom to choose. She confessionals that she doesn't have the "great choices" that Dawna had: "Dawna's been here with people that she won with, so they didn't ever have to get in a war together. What am I going to bring back? Sarah, who I called a liar? Carrie, I basically sent home. I've been in there a lot -- who am I going to bring back?" Bethenny finally decides on Hateful Jim, Carrie, and Ryan. Oh, GOD, just when I thought we were finally rid of Hateful Jim he's actually coming back! I'm sorry, legaleagle44, I just can't handle this. It calls for another cocktail.

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Apprentice: Martha




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