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Here Comes the Dawna

Dawna confessionals that the Liz Claiborne Creative Director was the toughest exec she had to deal with on the show. Cut to Creative Director's sneering and pinched face asking Amanda who gave instructions to the hair and makeup team. Amanda pauses before admitting that she and the Liz Claiborne stylist took care of it, and adds, "And I apologize if you weren't in on that meeting but I showed them all the fashion, what Liz Claiborne's objective is." "Liz Clay-BORNE," Creative Bitch corrects her. Amanda apologizes and asks how she said it. "Liz Clay-BURN," Creative Bitch tells her. And the difference really is...? Get over yourself lady -- Liz Clay-BORNE ain't exactly Chanel or even Armani Exchange. In fact, it's almost Talbots, and Talbots really is one print sweater dress away from being Dress Barn. Sarah and Dawna talk about setting a "hard stop" and going back to the loft to work on other things. Amanda tells Creative Bitch that she sees no problem meeting the 9 AM deadline.

Bethenny's circus. Ryan calls all the performers and construction people together just so Bethenny can introduce herself and tell them that they can help themselves to pizza and drinks. Bethenny confessionals that she handled last week's conversation with Ringleader Jim very calmly and professionally, and she has every confidence that they will pull off the event in twenty-four hours. Ryan makes small talk with Ringleader Jim, who just acts so sighy and put-upon that he has to be involved in this event at all. Did Martha take Ringleader Jim and Creative Bitch aside and say, "Be as difficult and unhelpful as possible -- there's an extra bead-covered pomegranate in it for you"? I think she did.

Dawna's fashion show. Dawna's really worried about getting the programs done on top of everything else, and Amanda tells her she can handle it. Dawna doesn't exactly believe her, so she, Sarah, and Howie trek back over to Liz Clay-BORNE to get in Amanda's way.

Bethenny's circus. Carrie works away under the very harsh light of fluorescent bulbs and very little makeup. Ew. Carrie asks Hateful Jim if he's been given any clear delegation with anything. "No," Hateful Jim says, "she's a mess, she's an absolute mess." Okay, let's check in here: we've got ultra-organized Dawna, who wants to check up on and help her teammates, and then we've got Bethenny. Who is a mess, apparently. Who, oh, who is going to win Martha's hand in corporate marriage? Hateful Jim has major issues going on with his VIP party planning, and Carrie bitches about how Bethenny wasted all her time getting charity packages donated for the silent auction. Carrie holds up a piece of notebook paper with handwritten notes and complains, "This is what I have to work with!"

Carrie confessionals that, as Bethenny hasn't really given any of them clear jobs, "at some point [they] either have to assume leadership and take over, or [they] have to watch [Bethenny] fail." Ooh, assume leadership? That would be totally, awesomely interesting! Which means, of course, that it's not going to happen. Sigh. Carrie spouts some nonsense about all their names still being attached to the event, which means they have to make it a success. Right, I mean, you wouldn't want to ruin your professional reputation by having a failed event. It would clearly be far more damaging than, say, being a jealous shrew on national television. Or something. Bethenny shows her face and assures Carrie that she has everything taken care of for the VIP party. If that's the case, then why does Hateful Jim think the VIP party is such a mess? I'll bet Bethenny has set him to working on a pretend VIP party to get him out of her hair. Bethenny confessionals that her team doesn't "get" her, but she didn't get this far without knowing a thing or two. She goes on, "So I figure, let everybody do what they need to be doing now, and later on I'll grab the reins and we'll all do what we need to do." Translation: Later on, she'll grab the reins and take all the credit for everyone else's work.

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