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Here Comes the Dawna

As they all leave, Dawna takes time to hug her entire team and tell them that she couldn't have done it without them. Howie keeps telling Dawna how much she deserves the job. Amanda confessionals how much Dawna deserves the job. As Dawna gets into her car, Sarah insists on "one more" Primarius cheer, and then Dawna finally leaves, still screaming thanks out to her teammates. Well, not "screaming," exactly, because she's a monotone, but you could tell that's what she thought she was doing. After Dawna drives off, Howie, Amanda, and Sarah walk down the street hugging. I don't think Dawna's going to win, do you?

In her car, Dawna has her own teary, stuffed-nose confessional: "Regardless of whether I end up with the job as Martha Stewart's Apprentice, this has been an incredible experience. I think I really grew personally and I feel like I could do anything right now." Nope, definitely not a winner.Before the audience cheers us into another commercial break, Martha says that the two finalists are backstage and will be coming out soon. Dawna and Bethenny are shown walking through some doors backstage for the cameras. Dawna is leading and smiling brilliantly. Bethenny is trailing behind and not really smiling at all. Do you think she knows something is up, given that the director probably told the two of them that they wanted Dawna to lead the way out?

Apparently the next day, Bethenny and Dawna pack. For the first time, Dawna confessionals that she thinks she's the better person for the job. As they drag their suitcases out of the loft, I notice that Dawna seems to have left behind some clothes in the closet. Is it because they actually plan to come back, or are those clothes that they were given and instructed to wear at some point during the show -- I mean, all that green! -- and now have to leave behind? They confessional that they both want the job, bad. They both say that they are specifically better than the other one. Bethenny even says (fairly tearfully), "This is my job. There is no way that Martha is giving it to that girl. Dawna. There's no way." Wait, why are they even packing? Neither of them is going to be fired at this point, so what gives? That's just bizarre.

Dawna and Bethenny enter the conference room and are told by Martha that she has a difficult decision in front of her. She praises Bethenny's circus program and asks Dawna why her program is such crap. Dawna explains about all the last-minute changes. Both (im)Clone finalists are given a chance to plead their cases for the job. Dawna specifically says that Bethenny can rub people the wrong way and that she's run into people who don't want to work with her. Bethenny says that she doesn't think that Dawna has "that special thing" that she herself has to work for Martha Stewart. They go back and forth about who wants the job more and finally, FINALLY Martha says they are going to go make up their minds and she thanks them both for their "superb efforts."

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Apprentice: Martha




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