7Up Finale Part 2: Sweet Victory

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Cowboy 7Up

Team John Rich. Rich approves some pictures of himself holding 7Up. He tells us they have to do the entire commercial and photo shoot today. And he has to meet with Def Leppard, which he's worried about because of the terrible phone call with their tour manager last week. Lil Jon tries to get Rich to relax, but Rich says that's not happening. Though he interviews that it's important for his team to make this easier for him.

Back at Team Marlee, they wait for Geoffrey Holder, who ... shows up. Of course. La Toya tells him he looks fabulous, and he agrees. Marlee's happy and relieved. Geoffrey uses his best voice and delivers his 7Up lines. The ladies are totally smitten. It's sort of funny, though, that Marlee's obsessed with the guy who's all about voice when she can't hear. She must just like the look of his persona.

Team Rich. Star and Rich head to the Hudson Hotel to start working on the live performance for the next night. Rich is going to meet with Def Leppard. He says they're giving him a bit of a headache, but he's their colleague and is more than prepared to do the show instead of them if they try to B.S. him.

Live boardroom. Trump takes the opportunity to congratulate Ivanka, who's expecting her first child and Don and his wife, Vanessa, who are expecting their third. (Ivanka's husband doesn't warrant a congratulations, I guess.) Then he sends us back to Rich, waiting for Def Leppard. He's still hoping they don't mess with him. They come in and it's all hugs and kisses and warm greetings. Rich fills Def Leppard in about St. Jude, which he hopes will connect them to what's going on here. He hopes they won't fight him on anything when they realize what they're doing this for. They all come to agreement that Rich will come out and sing "7Up is rockin' the country" while he stomps his foot, then Def Leppard will come out and tear it up. He thinks Def Leppard and their manager, Malvin, are all great now.

Team Marlee. It's the morning of the event, and Marlee's feeling a lot of pressure to make sure everything's in place. Hatch tells her what's up about designing the event space. He interviews that nothing's been planned so he has no idea if their space is going to look like a "barn ... or something that reflected our goals." It's all chaos as they wonder what to do with the balloons and the tables and other crap everywhere. La Toya says if they don't get this done, "John Rich is going to win this. Definitely. Without a doubt."

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