7Up Finale Part 2: Sweet Victory

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Back in the live audience, Trump welcomes back the few, the outspoken, the fired: David, Lisa, Niki, Mark, Hope, Lil Jon, La Toya, Star, Meat Loaf, Busey, and Nene. They saved the craziest for last, y'all. Trump starts with David Cassidy, since he fought with Hatch, who is now in prison. Again. Cassidy thinks Hatch "is in the right place at the right time. ... When you take the low road, where else would you end up?" Cassidy tells Trump he tried telling him to fire Hatch, but then he backtracks and says Trump did the right thing. Um, okay? Trump asks Lisa why she was gone so soon, and Lisa says to ask the audience. A couple people yell "Star," and Trump asks Star how she responds. She says that you need to bring your A game. He goes back to Lisa for a response, but she says she doesn't like to respond to that person. Trump informs her that someday they'll get along great. Again: Um, okay? We get a crazy Busey montage of sound effects (hissing, barking, whatever) to lead us into commercial.

More Busey when we come back. This time it's some of his crazy quotes. "Circles. Never. Die." "There's two things you never want to do: Pet a burning dog. And fry bacon naked." "I always give it all I've got, whatever I'm doing. Even if it's brushing my teeth, taking a shower, cracking a hard-boiled egg. (Makes a "click" sound). Successful!" And more of his kooky sounds. Trump asks Busey to settle this once and for all: "Are you crazy? Or crazy like a fox?" Busey thinks that's a good question, and then he goes on and on and on like a crazy man. He says he's trained to know whether people are lying by looking at their eyes. He starts back in about the Omaha Steaks challenge. So Trump cuts in and asks if Busey likes Meat Loaf, since they had a fight. Busey says he didn't have that fight. Trump asks Meat Loaf if he likes Busey, and they hug. Meat Loaf says Busey drove him a little crazy, but they go way back to when Busey played Buddy Holly. Meat Loaf says he relates to Busey because he's had his own share of head trauma. Trump asks Busey to go ahead, and he tries to go back to Omaha Steaks.

Trump cuts him off and goes on to Lil Jon. He says he was a star before, but he's a big star now and people love him. Trump tells him he's on smart guy, and asks how he feels about Busey. Lil Jon says Busey's great, especially now that he's had a break from him. He says that when you're shooting every day in a high-pressure situation, you get tired of Buseyisms, but he loves Buseyisms. And Busey even came and hung out with him in Vegas. Trump asks how he liked being on the show, and Lil Jon says he liked it, but he'd never do it again because it's too hard. But he's just kidding. Trump asks Busey if he loves Lil Jon, and Busey says he does, but then goes back to the Omaha Steaks story. Trump smiles and tries to stop him, but Busey says he's finishing this. He gets up and walks to Trump and shows him the Omaha Steaks kite. They took the terrible idea that got him fired, in other words, and are now packaging meat with a kite and selling it. (I took the time to fact-check this one, and he's not lying.)

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