7Up Finale Part 2: Sweet Victory

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Back at Team John Rich, everyone peps Rich up for his event. Then someone comes in and gives Rich $250,000 for St. Jude. He says he'll easily surge past $1 million now, since he intends to be the winner tonight. Mark and Lil Jon greet everyone with scarves to wave but then head backstage before Trump and the executives get there. No one heads up to greet them, which Trump and the 7Up exec find to be "interesting." Rich gives a much shorter intro speech, then shows their commercial. Terrible Axl Rose impersonator. Terrible Madonna impersonator. Dee Snider doing a terrible Twisted Sister impersonation, so John Rich gives him a 7Up Retro and he becomes Twisted Sister. It's a very awesome commercial. Then Rich asks everyone if they're ready for the main event. He starts singing and stomping his foot to introduce Def Leppard. He screams "Def Leppard!" But no one shows up. Backstage, Rich wonders where Def Leppard is. Apparently, it's only 6:45, and they won't go on until 7. Trump, in the audience: "Unbelievable."

John Rich is mad at himself for making his mistake, so he asks if he can plug in an acoustic guitar and play as an opener for Def Leppard. "I got myself a lemon. What do you do with lemons? You make lemonade! Pour everybody a big glass of it." He borrows someone's guitar pick and heads out to sing. He says he wrote a song for Trump that he doesn't have to sing for real since he made it to the finale. So he sings it now. It's begging Trump not to fire him. Then he sings another sing. Star swoons about what an impressive leader he is. Then Rich introduces Def Leppard again. "The only thing more exciting than introducing Def Leppard is introducing them twice." They come out and sing "Pour Some Sugar on Me." Backstage, Lil Jon tells Rich how proud he is of him "for real," for raising more than $1 million for those kids. "I love you brother." Jo(h)ns hug. Lil Jon interviews that they've been through thick and thin together, so for him to help him win this would mean everything to him. "And we are going to win." Def Leppard sings "Rock of Ages." Which makes Dee Snider's involvement (since he's in the Broadway show, Rock of Ages, seem a little bit too coincidental, don't you think? Rich says he can't know for sure if he won, but he knows there's no more money coming from donors. He says he did all he can for St. Jude's. Now all he can do is hope Trump and the executives think he did the best job and should win.

Trump meets with the executives. They say both teams exceeded expectations. They love Rich and Marlee. They loved both events. They liked that the campaign integrated perfectly with Marlee's charity. The negatives: Rich didn't greet them at the door, and there was a slip-up in terms of the time the concert was to start. As for the cans, they think one was good and one was phenomenal. They thought both commercials were great. Well, that was vague. Back in the live audience, the executives are holding up both cans. Trump says both cans are now available nationally.

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