7Up Finale Part 2: Sweet Victory

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Cowboy 7Up

Trump says that, like 7Up, Nene is a true original. Let's take a look. Nene calls La Toya Casper the Ghost. Then she yells at Star a bunch: "I will take you down. Now where's Barbara Walters?" "Shut the fuck up." The audience eats it up. Nene rolls her eyes a little bit at seeing herself being such a crazy woman. Trump asks Nene why she left them. She says she doesn't regret leaving, because it was what was best for her at the time. He asks if Star got under her skin. Nene: "Oh, she bothered me a lot." Trump says they've said some nasty thing about each other, but has she come to grips with it. Nene says she doesn't hold grudges, but she's honest and stands by everything she's said. Trump asks what Star thinks of Nene. Star says she appreciated being on the show, but she hated seeing Nene use it as a platform to attack all of the black women on the show. Nene starts to interrupt her as she talks, saying it wasn't a racial thing. Trump's like, "Here we go again." Trump turns to La Toya and says he'd like to ask her a question. She giggles. He says that Nene really went after her, but she seems to like her more than Star. Why? She says she truly believed that Star was using Nene as a mouthpiece, and manipulating everything that was going on. La Toya says that Nene has a really good heart deep down, and she forgave her. Trump agrees, and says Star's terrific, too. He thinks they'll someday go out to lunch and be best friends. Both ladies roll their eyes, and Star says, "When pigs fly." When did Trump get all soft? I guess it's having two more grandkids on the way. He's all happy and sappy.

Trump interviews Marlee's interpreter, Jack. He says he's truly a breakout star, and asks how Celebrity Apprentice has changed his life. Jack says people have even stopped him in the grocery store. Trump says he's going to be very famous, and Trump would like twenty-five percent. Of his fame? How does that work, exactly? Trump sends us back to the show.

Boardroom past. Rich and Marlee, plus their teams, line up back before Hatch went off to prison. Trump asks Rich how he did. He says he's very proud of his team, and he thinks he built a campaign that could sell $1 billion of 7Up Retro. He says he's sure both teams came with exciting ideas, but he thinks that it all comes down to one simple thought put forward, and he thinks theirs will sell immense product. Trump asks Marlee, who thinks she won because they completed their task, went all out, had class with everything. Trump says he thinks both teams did a great job, and the executives agreed. But, ultimately, he says, it's going to be his decision. He shares the cans and the packaging with the other teams. Trump asks Rich what he thinks. Rich says that, if these were album covers, theirs would win. Because it's all about walking into a store and seeing something that jumps off the shelf at you. He says theirs is nice, but it doesn't explode at you like theirs. Marlee says she likes their can, but she doesn't like that there's no phrase relating to the charity or words like "Refreshing." She says it's a little plain, but she likes it. La Toya says she's sorry to say it, but she loves Rich's can. Trump agrees. He says Rich's can was preferred, but that is just part of it.

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