7Up Finale Part 2: Sweet Victory

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Cowboy 7Up

So they move on to the events. Trump asks Marlee if she thinks she executed well. She thinks it was incredible, with the giant disco ball as the centerpiece, and with the Harlem Globetrotters. Meat Loaf says he stood at the door and introduced himself to everyone. Ivanka says the execution of the event was seamless. She also appreciated being greeted, as did the executives. Trump agrees, and says he wasn't greeted by anyone from Rich's team. Don says the executives weren't either. Trump asks why Def Leppard was so late, though he says that Rich did a good job improvising. Ivanka says it was a good thing he's a singer because he filled the space nicely. Trump asks him whose fault that was, and Rich says he'll take responsibility, because he's not going to blame Def Leppard, who he was lucky to have. Rich says that about $300,000 in donations came in right before then, and it rattled him. Marlee looks confused and says, "I'm confused. Was this a fundraising task?" Trump says no, but Rich did raise money. He says he can't give him credit for that, but maybe deep down inside, he does anyway. Rich says he's only here to raise money. Trump asks how much he raised last night. Rich says $275,000 came in. Marlee looks annoyed, but the audience cheers us into commercial.

After commercial, Trump says one group gave $250,000. Marlee says she could get that anytime, but it wasn't the task. Trump says she's right. Ivanka says she thinks the point is that he went above and beyond. Marlee says that's fine, but she would have done it too if he's going to look at it as a bonus. Trump says he's not giving a bonus for it, but it was a nice thing. Rich says he understood it wasn't a fundraising challenge, but he took the finale as a special opportunity to try to ask people if they wanted to give a final donation. He says he wasn't going to leave any card left in the shoe. Hatch says that he's worked with both Rich and Marlee, and she has just as much heart as Rich, which is a lot. Hatch says he doesn't have anywhere near that much heart, but Trump says Hatch has plenty of heart. Trump says they should feel proud to have made it this far, but also for being such a huge part of the show raising almost $3 million this season, which they've never done before. Trump tells the six teammates they've been fantastic, and sends them away. Rich and Marlee have to stay put.

Trump asks Marlee and Rich if they're ready for this. He says this is painful, and will be one very tough decision, but it's got to be done. Then we cut to the live show. Trump first introduces Marlee, who raised the most money ever on a single task: $1 million in one night. She hugs and kisses with all the fireds before taking her seat in front of Trump and the Trumplets. (Don is an incredibly loud clapper, by the way. Or someone needs to turn off his mike.) Next, Trump introduces Rich, a creative genius. He goes straight to the table and presents Trump with a cowboy hat. He puts it on, and actually looks much better with his hair covered.

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