7Up Finale Part 2: Sweet Victory

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Ivanka introduces John Rich and Marlee Matlin, with the world premiere of For the Kids, which is the song he just sang. Rich sings, while Marlee dances a little and signs along. Some kids from New York School for the Deaf sign and dance along behind them. The chorus here isn't about either charity, but the verses are still about St. Jude. Although they did add a tag about helping kids hear music in their ears. So I guess that was how they made this about Marlee's charity, too (that and the kids from the deaf school). Instead of applause, they all shake their hands in the air. So does everyone in the audience. A note on the screen says that song's available on iTunes. Please wait here while I go download it. Or not.

Trump asks "My celebrities, my great great celebrities" who thinks Rich should win, and almost everyone raises their hands. He asks who thinks Marlee, and fewer people do (although some are the same people, including Lisa). Trump asks Marlee why he should choose her. She says she's a living example of what people can do, because people always said she couldn't be an actress, or win an Oscar, or continue after the Oscar. She says that she and Trump have something in common: "We never take no for an answer." He agrees. Have you noticed she makes this all about her, though, and not about the charity? She says she raised more in a day than anyone, and could have raised twice what Rich did if she'd known to try. Trump says that's true, and tells Rich that's tough competition.

Now it's Rich's turn. He says that St. Jude Children's Hospital literally saves the lives of thousands of kids. (It's nice that he started with that.) He says you have to look at the season as a body of work. He says that he exhausted everything, and he also raised more than $1 million. He points out a lot of what he did right, and says he was better than Marlee, as a body of work. Marlee disagrees (duh). Trump asks Don what he thinks, and he says that John Rich did just get Trump to wear a cowboy hat on national TV, something he never thought he'd see. Trump says Don's a wise guy. Don puts the kidding aside, and says Trump can't go wrong with either one because they're both amazing. Ivanka agrees, saying they've both done a terrific job and they've never had a closer Celebrity Apprentice finale. Trump agrees that they're both amazing, but there is a final piece of business and he does need to name one of them as the Celebrity Apprentice. After even more commercials.

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