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The angry young man

Trump approaches in his limo.

Net Worth comes in for its presentation. The first photo to go up is one of the really stupid ones, with the models. Bad first impression, to say the least. "The first thing I thought when I saw the Solstice," Chris says, "was not only exteriorally, but interiorally, this was truly the design of a sports car." I'm not sure if the Pontiexecutive really made as much of a laugh-choking face at the non-words "exteriorally" and "interiorally" as they make it look like he did, but I'd certainly like to believe it happened that way. Alex interviews, as a tuba of failure honks, that Chris is a horrible public speaker, beginning with those non-words he likes to throw in. Chris also refers to the "Solster roadster," and then corrects himself. I think he's thrown off by not being able to spit in the middle of his sentences anymore. The Pontiexecutive asks Chris what exactly he was going for with the blurry shot. Chris says that they thought it would push people to the next page. I figure out whether the whole thing was out of focus, or just that one picture. Nothing like enticing people to read your materials by tempting them to wonder whether there's been some kind of massive printing screw-up. In other news, Alex insists that "the shape" of the brochure would make somebody pick it up. So...rectangles are the new trapezoids, or something. The Pontiexecutives send them packing, and none too soon.

Because...Trump! He shows up and asks how the teams did. The guy tells him that one team did great, and the other team...tried to do great. Heh. The teams are called back in. The Pontiexecutive starts with Net Worth, telling them that he appreciates how they tried to make a good message, but it just wasn't there in the final product. Chris looks at the floor. The information also isn't persuasive, particularly. On the other hand, Magna "delivered just exactly what [they] needed." He praises the brochure rather extravagantly, and winds up breaking the news that Pontiac will actually be using it to promote the car. Trump is clearly impressed. So Magna is the "slam-dunk winner" of the task. Trump congratulates them on the good work they did. Kendra tells us that she felt "so ecstatic," because she had had to do the entire thing by herself. Trump reminds her that next week, she will be exempt. And their reward will be basketball with Isaiah Thomas and some Knicks. Net Worth, on the other hand, will head for the Boardroom.

Net Worth sits around drinking. Apparently, this was some stupid "just the boys" night before one of them got, you know, bounced. Chris, apparently already a way into his evening of intoxication, half-slurs that he's still unhappy that they weren't able to pull it off. He says he doesn't understand how Magna managed to be more creative. "And they were," he says. "Let's be honest." "Kicked our ass," Alex agrees. Chris interviews that seven losses will not look good in the Boardroom. Now sporting a mint-green hat-and-scarf combo (!), Chris tells us that he tried hard to prove himself to Trump, and it didn't work.

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