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The angry young man

George, unsurprisingly, takes the opportunity here to say that he doesn't like their pictures at all, and Trump points out that the main picture they feature is all blurry. Chris claims this as a stylistic choice, which it could be, except that again, when you do that, it should be on purpose -- not just because you have a picture that didn't come out. Because you think people can't tell, but they totally can. "That's a beautiful car that's totally out of focus!" Trump says. "They killed us," Alex admits, and as to the blurry picture, Alex takes half the responsibility for helping choose it. He claims that they thought it would have "personality," and Carolyn's like, "But that's the first page." Heh. Never put your personality on the first page! That's actually one of my main rules of meeting people, interestingly enough. George asks how many pictures they got, and Chris tells him there were between 150 and 200. George is like, "And you picked that one?" Heh. George asks if they thought the brochure was a winner when they submitted it, and Chris is forced to say he did, because otherwise, he'd have to admit he put in something he thought was inferior. Trump asks Chris why he loses so much, and you hear the first hint in Chris's voice that he's breaking up a little bit when he tells Trump that he doesn't lose in life, so he doesn't know why he keeps losing here. George, rather obnoxiously, says that it should have been "a slam-dunk for you guys," presumably because...they're boys? That's so absurd. Simmer down, George. Don't make me run you down in the car you assume I don't understand.

Bren brings up the tag that they didn't get a picture of, and the way he told both the boys to get that picture. Trump asks Chris why he didn't, in fact, have something of the car on the cover. Chris says it was "because [he] wanted to leave it open to interpretation." Carolyn half-smiles with thinly veiled amusement. Trump asks them what they thought of the Solstice. Chris says he's buying one. "'Desire' was the first word that came to me," Bren says. Alex says, "When I saw this back portion, I knew that was the car for me." Carolyn points out that everything they just said was sexier and more emotionally present than anything they put in the brochure. Bren, in particular, says "desire" but writes "blah blah blah brainchild of GM manager blah blah blah." "Everything that you put there in print is so boring," she says simply.

Carolyn asks Alex what he thought of the text, and Alex says he thought it was "terrible." Bren points out that Alex never said that before. Trump asks Alex whether the bad text means Bren is at fault more than Chris. Alex says that Chris is more at fault, because Chris saw the final text as well, and should have nixed it. Chris asks why Alex didn't fix it, if the "verbage [sic]" was so awful. He claims that Alex isn't taking responsibility for disliking the text but not saying anything. Trump asks Alex why he didn't say anything about the bad text, and Alex owns up to the fact that he "took a nap" from about 5:15 AM to 6:50 AM. "Saying that you had a nap is probably not a positive thing," Carolyn says sarcastically. Trump asks him why he was napping. Alex starts to answer, but no answer is shown. Honestly, sleeping for an hour and a half doesn't strike me as the most tragically awful thing you can do when you don't even leave the office to do it, but I realize Trump is going for a theme here, and it's not "Make Sure You Get Adequate Sleep."

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