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The angry young man

Net Worth now visits its studio and looks over the car. They all admire it. Bren compares the car to a beautiful woman, rather predictably, and with a certain aggressive lameness that suggests both unoriginality and underlying unctuous sexism. Bren becomes enamored of a little tag on the dashboard that says "Solstice" and features a little line drawing of the car. He instructs Chris that they have to incorporate that tag. Bren tells Alex to make sure to get "plenty of interior pictures," and makes Alex write it down. Bren is surprisingly bossy. Alex makes a note. Chris and Alex send Bren off to work on "research" for the copy that will be in the brochure. And why? Because he's "very well-spoken," because he's a lawyer. Pfft. That doesn't make you well-spoken, for God's sake, and it certainly doesn't qualify you to do marketing writing, of all things. Give your marketing writing to a lawyer, and you'll get back a brochure with footnotes. Chris goes with Bren as Bren goes off to work. Alex is left behind to do the studio photography.

Tana and Kendra are out shooting Magna's exterior shots. As they work, they ask people standing around what emotions the car evokes for them. They give answers like "sexy" and "young." Nobody says "goofy," like I would. Kendra notes that the ideas generally revolved around the central concept of desire, so that's what they'll be incorporating into the brochure. That seems like a start, tentatively speaking.

That evening, Chris is carefully putting the gray Solstice up against a gray building for a nice, monochromatic shot. The photographer snaps a series of shots. Chris likes them so much that he calls them "sick." Why am I not surprised that Chris sees that as a positive quality? Chris interviews that he loves the pictures, and Alex is doing the other ones.

Specifically, Alex is directing a very boring model in a very boring series of pictures where she's sitting on the front of the car. He's using words like "coy" and, even more revoltingly, "kitty." Yes, kitty. With an adult woman, he is using the word...well, you know. At least it wasn't "princess." At least not that we saw. Sigh. They finish up the shoot, and Chris returns to see how it went. Chris starts to ask about some of the detail shots that he was hoping Alex got, and it quickly becomes clear that Alex, for the most part, did not get them. Did he get a shot of the tire? No time, "dude." Chris looks disappointed. He asks whether Alex got the picture of the tag. "Not by itself," Alex says, which is awesome. Yeah, he got a shot of the tag in the sense that it's attached to the car, so in a sense, it's in all the pictures. Just not by itself. Chris says Bren will flip out when he learns that they didn't shoot that little tag. Chris then interviews that he was disappointed in the way Alex "screwed up the interior photos." I really hope Alex didn't spend all his time on the ones with the model, because those looked like they were going to be horrible. At any rate, Chris is shocked at the way Alex "dropped the ball" and such. Alex yawns.

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