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The dreaded clip show

Last task! The candidates were sent to manage a pedicab fleet and its drivers. Kwame started out for Protégé by offering incentives to the drivers. Troy followed up with an idea for selling prepaid punch cards so that people could buy pedicab rides in bulk. Which...I guess...a lot of people want to do? Elsewhere, Amy allegedly came up with the idea of advertising on the rickshaws to bring in money beyond fares. Heidi tried to sell cards and failed miserably, and she complained loudly about everyone in a way that Carolyn observed with growing disapproval. As soon as Protégé spotted one of the VersaCorp advertising rickshaws, Troy sensed that his team was doomed, and it was. Project manager Troy had a choice between making Heidi safe and making Kwame safe. He chose to send Kwame to safety, and faced off against Heidi. Although Troy's ideas didn't work out brilliantly on the task, Carolyn took the opportunity to raise what I suspect are longstanding issues with Heidi's failure to serve hardly any function on her team. Heidi took a novel approach to a person in a position of power by basically saying, "We'll agree to disagree." Heidi was forced to admit that, at the very least, Troy was a good leader, and to acknowledge that nobody has said the same about her. In her bonus interview, she tells us that losing was great, because it reminded her that she really doesn't want to be in sales. Yeah, totally. She didn't want that Trump job anyway. She also assures us that her mother is well. Again, good news. Among news I don't find terrifically interesting, like everything else about Heidi's life.

So now, only six candidates remain. Upcoming tasks will include casinos, "high-priced real estate," and...Jessica Simpson. No, really. Jessica Simpson. One of the remaining six is going to win. Who will it be? Hard to say. The Trumpicopter takes Trump away from us, and the clip show is over at last. Damn. Aside from a couple of interesting clips that lasted about thirty seconds each, that was seriously boring. It's a good thing they included Doctor Advil, because otherwise, I'm not sure I would have made it.

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