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The dreaded clip show

The teams are divided boy-girl, and they're told about selecting PMs. Remember how they went to the suite, and the women named themselves Protégé, and the men named themselves VersaCorp? Then it was off to the New York Stock Exchange, where they learned they would sell lemonade. Trump insists that the men had a "terrible location," and David's methods were unconventional, if by "unconventional," you mean "criminal, according to many definitions." Sam tried to sell lemonade for a thousand dollars a cup, because...well, did I mention "crazy"? The women, meanwhile, were "smarter," according to Trump, because they just found themselves a good location and sold lemonade the old-fashioned way -- by offering kisses to go with it. The women won the task. Yay, free love! (Not "free," technically, but hey, at least it comes with lemonade.) The men went to the Boardroom, where Troy took David and Sam to the Boardroom, and Sam made a really weird speech and thanked Trump for telling him to shut up. David said he wasn't so good at sales. Sam sucked up so hard that he turned himself inside out. David, on the other hand, had done nothing and admitted he knew of nothing he could have done. Not the most inspiring moment of self-defense in reality show history. So he was gone. Bye, David!

In the one consistent bonus we're really getting, which is the post-exit-interview interview, David says that "the only real prize is first prize," so if he was going to lose, he's glad he didn't stay around any longer. It's an understandable theory, particularly if you're a big quitter.

For the second task, Trump and his Hair introduced the teams to the completely skeevy Donnie Deutsch, whose nipples wanted them to do an ad campaign for Marquis Jet. Protégé PM Amy met with the client company, while Jason chose not to. Tammy became the big mover behind the women's big idea, which was to market planes as giant sex toys. Oh, and Katrina happily posed on the wing with her legs practically wrapped around a happy-looking businessman, so you can add her to your steaming pile of hypocrites with her later crapola about how offended she was that Bill tried to use her "pretty girl" qualities (and...seriously? Cute legs, but face-wise? NOT THAT BEAUTIFUL) to sell rickshaw rides. Assorama thought Tammy's "testicle ad" was tacky. VersaCorp, meanwhile, was struggling to just to stay awake. Literally. Sam passed out on the floor. The women won the task, and it had nothing to do with how often they flashed their chests at Deutsch. The women took a private jet ride, and on the way back, it turned ugly.

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