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The dreaded clip show

And then, Heidi's mom got cancer. Which is really sad, because Heidi's behavior isn't her mother's fault, and even if it were, anybody getting cancer is sad. Heidi cried, she assured everyone that her family wanted her to stay, and she snifflingly asked that Trump not hold her mother's cancer against her. You know, the way people sometimes do. Hold your mother's cancer against you.

Katrina and Troy faced off over the apartments available for renovation in Brooklyn. When they couldn't agree on who would get which apartment, Katrina thought that passing notes was a great idea. Troy, knowing they weren't going to decide it that way and it was coming down to a coin toss, foiled her by writing on his note, "I want what you want." Which was really funny, but annoyed her. Well, scratch that -- it was funny because it annoyed her. Katrina proceeded to go into an enormous, self-righteous fit over the fact that Troy had been "unethical" by not playing the note-passing game exactly the way Katrina told him to. Troy referred to her as "madder than a wet hen" in a way that sounded more like "wet ham," but the show doesn't know how funny that really was, so they don't show that part again. "Wet ham," hee hee. Katrina the Wet Ham said that she was so "fueled" that there was no way Troy's team would win now.

Tammy drove VersaCorp crazy, just kind of...being Tammy. Which is a hard thing for her to stop doing. Katrina the Wet Ham felt that Tammy wasn't "adding value" to the team. The Wet Ham was determined to get rid of Tammy. In the Boardroom, especially after Tammy admitted that her team was "duped" by Troy, something the rest of them denied, Trump fired Tammy, although he started down a row of Wet Ham-tagonism that continues to this day. Tammy argues in her bonus interview that all she was doing was pointing out her team's shortcomings honestly, and that's a hard thing for people to hear. I agree with her, but she was still crazy. She certainly wasn't going to win. Go away, Tammy.

For the next task, the teams were sent off to try to move "Trump Ice," Trump's new bottled water. Troy came up with a plan to sell water in installments, increasing the amount of water they could sell in a particular day. Ultimately, Troy's idea defeated VersaCorp's disorganized scrambling under the direction of Ereka. In new footage, we watch Nick and Bill have dinner together prior to the Boardroom. They are obviously well aware that Ereka is not going to take her friend Katrina into the Boardroom -- she's going to take the two of them, and if they're smart, they're going to support each other. Nick says that the focus should be on eliminating Ereka, while Boyfriend Bill says that he isn't looking to perform any sort of "character assassination," and that he won't fire until fired upon, as he puts it. Nick says that he's planning to fight hard. "I don't want to get fired," he says. As they toast, Nick makes reference to wanting to "get what's-her-face eliminated." Hee. "What's-her-face." The guy smile at each other, sharing the eeeevil.

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