A Look Back (Season 2)

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Memories, a blight on the corners of my mind

Sandy and Andy were all that was left of Mosaic, and we now see the bizarre coin-flipping ritual they went through in choosing a PM, which seems to have involved an undue amount of discussion over how coin-flipping is accomplished. Andy won, so he was the PM as they headed to Pepsi to promote Pepsi Edge. Oh, and Jen came over to "help" Sandy and Andy. Andy cracked the whip on the designers, handing out cash, but not letting the guys eat. Which is a great way to become such a beloved boss that you get a new key mark on the side of your car every day. When the teams presented, Apex's bottle was nothing really good, but at least it wasn't as freaking ugly as Mosaic's. In the Boardroom, Sandy went all feisty, pointing out that Andy had fallen prey to exactly the technique of Jen's that Ivana promised Jen would employ, which was PM sucking-up. Sandy yelled and yelled, and somehow, that wound up being Andy's fault. Control your women, Andy! Andy was fired. He reflects that if he could go back and do it again, he wouldn't give up the floor to Jen and Sandy. And also, one would hope, he would produce a less hideously ugly bottle to begin with. Trump says insightfully that he likes Andy a lot and thinks Andy will be enormously successful, but he let his teammates stomp him in that instance.

So now, only five people are left. Kevin! Jen! Kelly! Sandy! Ivana! More polo, more basketball, more short skirts. Who will succeed? Who will fail? Who will be...THE APPRENTICE? I'll tell you who: not Sandy or Ivana, that's who.

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