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At any rate, Apex made a remote-control car, and Mosaic made a crime-fighting lobster or something like that, so Apex won the first task. In the Boardroom, everyone said Rob didn't do any work, and Trump had no reason not to believe them and no real basis for firing anyone yet, so he got rid of Rob. In Rob's reflective interview, he says he was hanging back and trying to "take some notes" about everyone before he got aggressive, and he now realizes he should have been more assertive. Trump says insightfully that he fired Rob because no one would listen to him, but he thinks Rob will be "a successful guy" later. I'm sure Rob really appreciates that as he sits at home, waving his middle finger at the screen every week.

In the second task, Trump had the teams develop and ice cream flavor and sell it. It turns out that Mosaic mashed up their own donuts by hand. Who knew? Meanwhile, at Tasti D-Lite, Apex tried to make a distribution deal. But they fell on hard times when Tasti management believed there were supposed to be three women there to help sell, and Maria insisted they had agreed on two. Would you like to make a guess at who I predict is telling the truth, considering that one of them is Maria, who later lied about the flyer she didn't negotiate properly? Among other things, Maria is horribly rude to the Tasti guys for a situation in which she's trying to get something from them. She insists in an interview that even though these guys are calling her a liar, "the absolute last thing [she] would do is lie to anyone." Well, the second-to-last thing. Maybe third-to-last. It appears that Ivana of all people sort of smoothed it over, and Maria wound up out on the sidewalk trying to convince passersby to come in and try it. What's weird to me is that I was at a different location of theirs recently with Couch Baron, and they sell a low-calorie ice cream alternative, basically, so it seems like a strange place to try to move premium ice cream. I'm also interested in the fact that Maria is claiming that the ice cream is "carried exclusively at this store," despite the fact that it's being sold elsewhere the entire time. Of course, the last thing she would do is lie to anyone. I love it where one guy she's talking at just walks right on by her, and she calls after him, "Red Velvet Cake, keep that in mind!" For what, for later? For ten minutes from now? What kind of a sales pitch is "keep that in mind"? It does not appear that Maria is hustling up a lot of Tasti and D-Liteful business.

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