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But the guys sold really well, making lots of friends, hugging people whether they wanted to be hugged or not, and not relying on the old favorite, "Keep that in mind!" They beat Apex, and Bradford decided to be a good "general" by throwing in with the troops, giving up his exemption. Or, as Trump puts it, he "flaunted careless bravado." Oh, "Careless Bravado." That was my favorite Wham! song. Anyway, Trump certainly didn't want to hang with anyone, you know, weird, so he got rid of Bradford. Ivana coolly said, "Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God." She's got skills, that one! Bradford's reflecterview indicates that he knew he was sticking his neck out. It seemed like a good idea at the time, you see. But in retrospect, he does recognize that it was probably not the smartest thing he could have done. Trump says insightfully that he fired Bradford for stupidity, pretty much. Well, that was an easy one to explain. ["Not when Ivana is sitting RIGHT NEXT TO Bradford, it ain't. I still think Trump should have inaugurated the tandem punt with those two." -- Sars]

As it turns out, Stacie then told Elizabeth that Jennifer C. was hassling Ivana for bringing her to the Boardroom instead of Elizabeth. We watch as Elizabeth incorrectly confronts Ivana, apparently having misunderstood what Stacie told her, which was that Jennifer told Ivana that Ivana should have brought Elizabeth, not that Ivana said it. If Ivana thought Elizabeth should have been in the Boardroom, you'd think she would have just brought her, since it was her decision. Much fighting ensues, and from the living room, Pamela is sad that she and the guys are missing out on the yelling. As Trump explains, this was only the beginning of the endless bickering that went on among the women, much of which I had mercifully forgotten.

Week three brought the task of buzz creation, when the teams had to promote Vanilla Mint Crest. Apex hired Mike Pi-yowza, and it looked like everything was going well. But when Maria overspent on the flyers by a bazillion dollars and didn't tell anyone, the team was well over budget and lost in spite of their superior result. In the Boardroom, to cover for this total burst of incompetence and save several members of the team who underperformed, Apex lied to Trump about the way Stacie behaved during the first task, misrepresenting her behavior as threatening and scary. Trump bought the whole thing hook, line, and sinker, and he fired Stacie. I'm starting to understand how he goes bankrupt so frequently. Stacie reflects that a lot of the women have "negative qualities," but overall, she still had a good time. I hope someone paid her well to be so understanding, because she got the shaft but good. Not just because she was fired, but because she was railroaded, and Trump got suckered, and the show has continued to basically slander her in order for him to save face, which is pretty shitty. Trump says insightfully that he fired Stacie because "the whole team was afraid of her." He insists that you have no choice but to listen to people, not apparently drawing a distinction between listening to people and assuming that all of their self-serving comments are reliable, which is a pretty basic flaw of logic. It's just so stupid and asinine, how that happened.

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