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The next task sent the candidates to the upper reaches of high fashion, where they were supposed to produce a clothing line, and whoever earned the most would win. The women threw themselves into the task, and they picked a decent designer. The men, on the other hand, screwed up their pricing and picked a weirdo designer who liked plaid and burlap and stuff. We see NBSF in which Isaac Mizrahi comes to visit the men before the fashion show and says, "Raj, you're wearing your pajamas, did you realize that?" HA! "This is not pajamas," Raj protests, and Mizrahi's like, "Yeah, yeah, smoking jacket, whatever." Mizrahi is introduced to Mosaic's designer, and then says dryly to Raj, "For some reason, I took you for the designer." I think it's the stink of slight insanity. But I do love the way Isaac Mizrahi just walks in and puts a pin into a guy's pretentious BS and you can see the guy just shrink down to nothing. Raj is very lucky he didn't have the cane. Anyway, this was the task where Apex beat Mosaic, at last, and much jumping up and down ensued. In the Boardroom, John seemed like as weak of a candidate as any, and he was the PM, and nobody really covered himself in glory, so John was fired. ["Seriously, I had completely forgotten John's existence." -- Sars] He reflects that he had a nifty time and made great friends. Trump says insightfully that that particular firing was not easy, but he ultimately blamed John for the pricing screw-ups. I can't tell you how much I've learned from having Trump return to repeat solemnly into the camera exactly the reasons he gave for firing people at the time he fired them.

At this point, Trump reshuffled the teams. The new Apex was Jen, Elizabeth, Ivana, Raj, Chris, and Kevin. The new Mosaic was Wes, Kelly, Andy, Maria, Stacy, and Sandy.

We now watch Shirtless Andy and Shirted Wes chat in bed (not in the same bed, but still) about how good they think the new Mosaic will be. They think Sandy is a "workhorse," they think Kelly is good, they think Stacy has promise even though she's "annoying" (heh), and they think they'll do well. I can't say I am inspired by Andy's appearance so much, but...I do miss Wes all over again, in spite of the shirt. The first task for the mixed teams was providing dog services. Not kidding. We now learn that Apex started by talking to a local dog groomer, which didn't go well, because generally, professionals aren't in the business of admitting that you could do their jobs in Central Park with ten days of training. The groomer tells them that you can't just go out and wash unfamiliar dogs. You can't! It's maaaadness! He even warns them that they could pop a dog's eye out of the socket, which the Spike Jones Memorial Sound Guy punctuates with a "boing-oing-oing-oing" sound. Apex persevered and washed dogs anyway, though, just hoping not to have to return to the groomer later with a bag of dog eyeballs like, "Okay, you were right...uh, can you put these back in?" Mosaic's business involved dirty dogs also, unless you were Stacy, in which case it involved going, "Ewwww." I would point out that during the dog task, Sandy wears, I do believe, the exact denim skirt she wore during the M&M sisters task. If not, it is exactly the same length. Interestingly, she was not called a "whore" or a "hooker" or a "stripper" at the time. Just an observation.

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