A Tale Of Two Leaders

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I have really liked the way Kevin has handled other situations, and I did understand that he was frustrated, but that entire scene was totally absurd. He's not her dad, she doesn't have to take orders, she doesn't have to stop talking when he says so, and she doesn't have to agree with his characterization of what she's doing. When you demand that people explain things to you -- what they're doing about this or that -- you have to let them tell you, or you are, by definition, the asshole in the situation. And he is. She's a terrible leader on the task, and she's gotten a lot of things wrong, but he's the asshole in that conversation. He was just berating her and showing off, and there was no chance that what he just did was going to help the situation. What he should have done was tell the rest of the team while Elizabeth was gone that he was happy with what they came up with last night, and he didn't appreciate the rest of them giving her shit about it when he and she were working until 2:30 in the morning while they were sleeping, and that he backed her version and wanted to stick with that. Had he done that, they might -- might -- have done substantially better. Of course, that approach wouldn't have given him an opportunity to waggle his finger at her and boss her around, so there's that disadvantage. As he stomps away from her, he says, "You'll get no more input from me on this." I'm not sure she...asked for any more input, but thanks.

Over at Mosaic, Kelly is still feeling awfully put-upon because he has to tolerate Andy and how much he sucks. This time, he's upset that Andy, having come up with their concept, might actually want to pitch it. Either Sandy or Maria says that Andy needs to have some role in the presentation, first because he wants to, and second because he's a national debate champion, and she suspects that "this kid can talk." Kelly says, "Excellent points, both of them." And then, talking from behind his hand, all deadpan contempt, he says, "Except for the first one, because it doesn't matter if he wants it, and the second one, because this isn't a debate." God, what a raging prick. HATE! I don't know how I didn't get how much some of these people sucked ass until this week. You will be shocked -- shocked, I tell you! -- to hear that Kelly actually thinks that he is the best person to give the pitch. When Andy arrives at the meeting, Kelly brings up the issue of who's going to pitch, and Andy says he's going to do an introduction. Kelly smirks smugly. He gets up and says that the only time he ever heard Andy pitch, it was "debate-sounding." Whatever that means. Kelly claims that he has "actually done it," because apparently, being in the military and being a New York City police officer are exactly the same thing. Kelly answers Andy's opinion that there's not really sameness there by insisting that there is, and that it's "generally accepted." HA! Does anyone not know that anyone who has to explicitly tell you that his opinion is "generally accepted" has absolutely no argument? I'll tell you who does know it -- Andy, the national debate champion. Seriously. I think the kid sees right through that, because he immediately says, "Okay, I'm going to go ahead with the introduction." So, in other words, "Thanks for your input. Consider it rejected." He does give Kelly a role walking the guys through the media stuff, voicing over that he did this to "placate Kelly." As they try to divide up time, Andy says that he's going to do a minute or a minute and a half, and Maria's like, "So Kelly, you'll do..." "The rest!" he says emphatically. "The rest." Oh, another person with absolutely no idea how he's going to come off.

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