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And then, the TV ad. It is indeed highly military in tone, with very scary music, columns of motorcycles...worst of all, this time, it says, "To be on the frontline," rather than "front line." Not only is that wrong, but it's inconsistent, because they did it right every other time. Ew. In other weird news, the last screen initially comes up as, "New York's Finest Looking." That's before it adds, "For New York's Finest." But the first part kinda sounds like wordplay from an ad for a strip show about cops. Which I think is not actually the idea. Deutsch makes some alarmed faces, but eventually tells them, "Good job," which he doesn't mean, and sends them on their way.

And here comes Mosaic. Andy introduces the pitch. "We are going to ask them a question: When was the last time? When was the last time that you protected the world's greatest city?" He says they believe the answers to these questions will be a call to join the NYPD. The first print ad is totally gorgeous, a low shot of a police helicopter, with lots of open sky above it. And as with some of the phallic ads last year, the credit for the visually arresting nature of that ad belongs to the photographer, not the team. The ad asks, "When was the last time you took a leap of faith?" The next one, I like even better -- it's a black background and a badge, and it says, "When was the last time you showed your true colors?" Very clever. Cheesy, but clever. Kelly is pitching now, and says that the question is personal. But not as personal as porn, like he wanted. And now, their TV commercial. Granted, the music is unbelievably corny, and these cops are not actors. But the words -- "When was the last time you saved a life?" "When was the last time you fought terrorism?" "When was the last time you made your family proud?" "When was the last time you were fearless?" -- that's good stuff, and it comes a lot closer to the reasons the NYPD wants people to join than the whole "join now, because otherwise, we're all dead" thing that Raj wanted to do. Or, you know, "Join now; chicks dig sirens." Deutsch likes it, you can tell, and he sends them out. When the teams are gone, Deutsch and his folks talk. They all think the Apex commercial is entirely too scary, and will actually turn people off. And -- what do you know? -- it lacks the emotion that they were asked to make part of the campaign. One of the women seems to acknowledge that the production on neither ad is what you would want to see, but Mosaic's has promise, if you did it right.

The teams are brought back in, and Deutsch gets Trump on the phone. And calls him "Big Guy," which...just, no. Trump asks how the teams did, and basically Deutsch tells him that Apex made New York look like "a police state." "You can't do an effective recruiting campaign and at the same time freak 12 million New Yorkers out." Heh. He then turns to Mosaic and says that they followed the task, and were very effective without being scary. Not even close, Deutsch says -- Mosaic by a landslide. Elizabeth looks ill. Trump tells Mosaic that they will be picked up at 9:00 AM tomorrow for their surprise reward. And oh, losers? One of you will be fired.

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