A Tale Of Two Leaders

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Wait, I think I know this one: Confidence. And that's the difference between Elizabeth and Andy in this task. They were both right, and they both led teams that were wrong. Not just slightly wrong, but egregiously wrong. Had Andy let his team do a sex ad, it would have been just as gross as the police state ad. The difference was that they both reached a point where they had to be prepared to gamble that they were right. That's what Andy did -- he gambled that he was right. If he'd been wrong, he knew that he would be screwed. But he was sure he was right, so he went with what he thought was right. Elizabeth, on the other hand, is so fundamentally lacking in confidence in some way that even when she's right and she knows she's right, she can't stand to say no to everybody else. It's basically the willingness to bet on yourself. And if you aren't willing to bet on yourself, you're completely screwed. Elizabeth choked when she was put in the position of gambling that she was right, and as much as the rest of her team did indeed undermine her and bat her around in a way that doesn't speak well of them, she still deserved her firing. There is no way you can lead people if they know they can browbeat you into changing your mind, because you ultimately are scared to bet that you're right and everybody else is wrong. Even if she couldn't come up with anything herself, if she had just been confident enough to say, "No, the terrorism ads are not in keeping with the assignment; I expect you to come up with something that is," it would have been better than what she did.

Now, Trump asks Elizabeth who she would bring to the final table, and she says Raj and Chris. Trump stares at her for a minute, and then he says, "Honestly, Elizabeth, I just don't think it's necessary. You're fired." She looks a little taken aback at the sudden change in the rules without any notice. "I don't want to waste a lot of time," Trump says. He throws everybody out. They all get on the up elevator, except for Elizabeth, who gets on the down. When they're all gone, Trump tells George and Carolyn that it was a "no-brainer," and he just didn't want to waste time.

Unsurprisingly, in her exit interview, Elizabeth feels like it wasn't fair, people ganged up on her, she stood by her principles, they were all mean to her, and so forth. So she's learned...nothing, and that's pretty much typical, so...well done, Elizabeth!

Next week: Stacie! Jenn C! Bradford! Um…Rob! Carolyn gets mad again. Demolition happens.

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