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Dumb as a (cop) rock

Anyway, Elizabeth says that there is such a thing as "too negative," and Raj shrieks at her -- literally shrieks -- that she's wrong, and insists that trying to motivate people through stark terror is not either too negative. Elizabeth ultimately tells the team that if the rest of the group feels strongly about a military sort of theme, she will go with it, and she then interviews that she was stuck in a situation where she was alone on her side of the issue, and her entire team was on the other side. She says she felt like all she could do was take the concept her team wanted to go with and try to make the best of it. Which is, in my opinion, the first place where she went wrong. She was right about the Scare The Pants Off Of New York concept sucking, and I think she knew she was right, which is why she kept resisting. But instead of telling them, "We're not doing a terrorism-themed ad, so come up with some other ideas," she withered, took the team's idea, and then tried to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. And she's not very good at purse-making in the first place, and she doesn't know what to suggest instead, which is what makes this entire thing a nightmare of mismanagement. She should have told them, "I am the project manager; we are not doing a terrorism-themed ad; come up with something else." Because the worst that could happen is that they could fail and she'd be blamed. In this situation, she knows they'll fail, because they're obviously not doing the assignment as it was given, and she's trying to half-ass the whole thing, and she's still going to be blamed. One thing good leaders do is keep everybody else from following every dumb-ass idea that comes up. Again? This is why I'm voting.

Elizabeth runs into another problem when she tells the team that they're going to have to go and shoot the footage they're going to use before they know exactly what they're doing, because the shooting will take far too long to wait for a script. Kevin says he disagrees, but she says she knows it's going to take a long time. Kevin smirks condescendingly at her. He then interviews that they had limited time, so they had to just shoot as well as they could and hope for the best. Back in the conference room, Jen applies lip gloss as Raj begins his hysterical comedy routine about terrorists. No, really. It's hilarious. He and Chris talk about how Raj could, in the commercial, run toward the compound shooting a gun in the air and wearing a body bomb, and then get shot by the cops. Wow. They are so in tune with the client, because I predict that the NYPD thinks the idea of a guy with a bomb strapped to him is completely hilarious. Whatever. I despise them all. Including Jen, who's smirking in that "I'm the girl who won't make the offensive joke, but I'll laugh at it so you think I'm cool" kind of way. Elizabeth, much to her credit, is legitimately disgusted, and says it was "the rudest thing [she] ever heard in [her] life." Raj does his "alalalalala" imitation of a crazed suicide bomber one more time, as Chris laughs hysterically. Elizabeth looks ill. It's ironic to me that the guys who probably would spend the most time lecturing you about how important it is to go out and kill terrorists are the ones who patently don't grasp the gravity.

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