A Tale Of Two Leaders

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Later, Kevin and Elizabeth are still working. He brings up the idea of contrasting a guy saying he's not excited about what he's currently doing with the footage of the helicopter guys and stuff. Elizabeth says she loves that idea. She interviews that the idea she and Kevin came up with was "about getting a hip, great job," rather than about keeping everyone in the city from dying in a sea of fire. "Scare tactics don't work," she says. "We cannot be about military." As she and Kevin leave, she tells him she knows she's going to make enemies when the rest of the team finds out she's changing it. "You still reserve the right to do whatever you need to do," Kevin says to her, neglecting to add the critical qualifier, "within reason," as he will later wish he had done. "I'm not going to change my mind," she says. "I was so not happy with the original."

The next morning, everybody's up early, and Kevin says that he feels like he and Elizabeth "turned a corner" with the project, and he feels much more positive. "I think what we developed is good," he says, "and hopefully, the team will see it our way." What was interesting at this point was that I felt like Kevin was admitting that he hadn't been crazy about the terrorism-centered stuff that Raj and Chris had come up with either, and part of him was relieved that Elizabeth had, in her own watery way, gotten it changed. It all looked so promising at this point, didn't it?

The next thing we see is Elizabeth, telling the team about the new concept. Ivana is making a bitchy face, and Raj is outright scowling. Nice thing you're doing with the hair, by the way, Raj. I'll come rub your head next time I need to lubricate a hinge. In an interview, Chris complains about all the time they spent on the original piece, and how Elizabeth then decided to change it. Elizabeth tries to smooth things over with the team by admitting to Ivana that she blames herself, because she should have probably insisted on a different approach from the beginning, and Ivana launches -- you guessed it -- a personal attack. "I have a feeling if we went with the testimonials, you would have said that we should have gone this way." Which is, you'll notice, completely counterproductive at this point, and does absolutely nothing to advance the situation. Any of these people should have been able to see that the more they attacked Elizabeth, the more she couldn't deal. And certainly, it's on her to deal, but if they were being pragmatic and genuinely trying to win the task, they'd have backed off, at least until they could talk to Kevin, who they have every reason to believe is sane.

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